Published May 19, 2023

'Marvel Unleashed' Introduces a New Canine Super Hero to the Marvel Universe

Meet D-Dog, who steps in to help Throg, Redwing, Chewie, Lucky, and Bats rescue Lockjaw from Kraven the Hunter in Kyle Starks and Jesús Hervás' 'Marvel Unleashed.'

When one of their own goes missing, the super pets of the Marvel Universe will do whatever it takes to get him back!

In their upcoming four-issue miniseries MARVEL UNLEASHED, which was announced yesterday at The Mary Sue, writer Kyle Starks and artist Jesús Hervás will tell a hair-raising tale filled with friendship, ferocity, and fur-flying fights. When Kraven the Hunter abducts Black Bolt's teleporting dog Lockjaw at the same time a local scientist mixed up with A.I.M. goes missing, Throg the Frog of Thunder, Redwing the Falcon, Chewie the Cat Flerken, Lucky the Pizza Dog, Bats the Ghost Dog, and their scrappy new ally D-Dog will swoop in to save the day. 

But there's more to this case than meets the eye—and something infernal lurks in the shadows…

MARVEL UNLEASHED #1 cover by David Baldeón

Written by KYLE STARKS
Variant Cover by BERNARD CHANG
On Sale 8/23

Check out the main cover by David Baldeón now, as well as a variant cover by Bernard Chang and a D-Dog design sheet by Jesús Hervás, and don't miss MARVEL UNLEASHED #1 when it goes on sale August 23!

D-Dog Design Sheet by Jesús Hervás

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MARVEL UNLEASHED #1 variant cover by Bernard Chang


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