Published February 3, 2023

'New Mutants Lethal Legion' #1 First Look Scatters the Team

In a special preview of 'New Mutants Lethal Legion' #1, the New Mutants launch a coordinated attack, while Count Nefaria sets the mood.

The New Mutants' latest threat might be their last.

In Charlie Jane Anders and Enid Balám's NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION (2023) #1, Krakoa's resident New Mutants will go up against an enemy unlike any they've faced before. Previously, they've battled such villains as the Shadow King, U-Men, Demon Bear, and even themselves. Now, they will come face-to-face with a new Lethal Legion…and they may not survive the experience.

A special first look at NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION (2023) #1 sends several New Mutants—including Dani Moonstar, Karma, and Escapade—swinging into action with a coordinated attack. In another page, Escapade and Cerebella have a heart-to-heart, while Wolfsbane, Morgan, and Morgan's flying turtle Hibbert explore the sewers in another. A final page shows Count Nefaria setting the mood with some music and a drink, as he gazes down at someone slumped in an armchair.

Additionally, check out Javi Fernández's all-new cover for NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION #3, which shows Count Nefaria standing triumphant over the team, while he grasps Karma by the throat.

Catch the New Mutants and their new recruits in action in a special first look at NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION #1 below!

NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION #1 artwork by Enid Balám

On Sale 3/8

What does Count Nefaria have in store for Escapade and the New Mutants? Find out in NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION #1, on sale March 8!

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NEW MUTANTS LETHAL LEGION #1 cover by Javi Fernández


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