Published May 15, 2020

The X-Men's Wildest Costumes

Read the comics behind these kooky looks, all on Marvel Unlimited!

Over the years, the X-Men have displayed some impeccable fashion sense, as well as some of the most memorable costumes in comics. But the Children of the Atom have also occasionally used one-off outfits to reflect internal and external developments. From temporary heel turns to moments of self-discovery, an ever-changing wardrobe makes the X-Men even more fun to follow.

To celebrate the X-Men’s wildest costumes, digital comics mega-library Marvel Unlimited is taking a look back at ten of the very best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint). Read the comic stories behind these alternate looks, outfits that have become iconic in their own right.



During the PHOENIX SAGA, Wolverine’s original costume was almost completely shredded while fighting the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. However, Logan’s solution was simply to knock out the Imperial Guard’s Fang, and steal an outfit right off his back! It was a good look for Wolverine, but he immediately went back to his old costume when he returned to Earth.

Years later, X-23 wore a replica of Fang’s costume when she was brought into the fold in  UNCANNY X-MEN #450. We have to admit—it may be better suited for her than it is for Wolverine!

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Although the X-Men’s flagship title was published in 1963, it didn’t embrace the fashion of the era. That changed when the second Mastermind, Martinique Wyngarde, used her powers to make San Francisco’s residents believe that the Summer of Love was back and here to stay.

To blend in, Cyclops and White Queen Emma Frost disguised themselves in throwback outfits. However, they soon found that their missing teammates had fully embraced Mastermind’s illusion.

Warpath and Iceman became “Running Sun and Frosty,” respectively. Hepzibah was also rechristened “Lady Kitten,” but hippie Angel got to keep his codename. Once Mastermind’s illusion was broken, the Groovy X-Men reverted back to normal, but their psychedelic makeovers were still top of mind.


Savage Land_Rogue

Back in UNCANNY X-MEN #247, Rogue was sucked into the Siege Perilous and was believed to be lost forever. But in issue #269, she re-emerged alongside a physical manifestation of Ms. Marvel that was created from Carol Danvers’ stolen memories. Rogue soon found herself bereft of her abilities and trapped in the prehistoric Savage Land.

Regardless of the circumstances, Rogue embraced her new life. She even made an emotional connection with Magneto while opposing Zaladane and the Savage Land Mutates. Rogue’s jungle costume also became a fan-favorite, inspiring cosplayers, fan art, and even official statues. Even subsequent X-Men artists have revisited Rogue’s unexpectedly iconic look.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #274

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #274

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Colossus embraced his destiny when he joined the team in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN (1975) #1. But the Russian struggled with doubts about his membership. Arcade took full advantage of Colossus’ uncertainty, brainwashing him into becoming an enemy of the X-Men. In this confused state, Colossus took on a new identity as a Soviet super-soldier: The Proletarian.

Arcade tricked The Proletarian into attacking his friends and allies to prove his loyalty to the state. Fortunately, Storm and Cyclops were able to reach Colossus before he could do serious harm.


Asgardian Storm

After Storm lost her powers, Loki saw an opportunity to strike at his brother Thor by transforming Storm into a new Goddess of Thunder. Loki was also seeking payback after the events of X-MEN/ALPHA FLIGHT (1985) #1-2, so it suited his agenda to kidnap Storm and the New Mutants, forcing the X-Men to follow them to Asgard for yet another showdown with Loki.

New Mutants Special Edition (1985) #1

New Mutants Special Edition (1985) #1

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Storm was sorely tempted by her new role, as she briefly reclaimed her lost abilities. However, she stood fast against both Loki and Hela, before destroying her enchanted hammer and rejecting the trickster god’s advances.

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Fairy Tale

To comfort Colossus’ sister Magik, Kitty Pryde improvised a bedtime story that cast the X-Men as fairy-tale-like characters. Nightcrawler became a mischievous imp called Bamf, while Wolverine was simply “Mean.” Kitty and Colossus were swashbuckling pirates, while Cyclops and Jean Grey’s tragic love story was given a happy ending.

Years later, NIGHTCRAWLER (1985) revealed that Kitty’s fairy tale X-Men actually existed in an alternate universe. Nightcrawler was particularly annoyed at discovering that multiple Bamfs now considered him their father.



The sorcerer Kulan Gath cast a spell on New York that turned the city into a new Hyborian Age. Because Charles Xavier was a threat to his power, Kulan Gath enslaved the X-Men’s mentor by fusing him with Caliban. This Xavier/Caliban was a grotesque creation who was reluctantly loyal to his new master.

All of the X-Men, Avengers, and New Mutants were also given barbarian makeovers. But once Kulan Gath was defeated, all of his changes faded away as if they had never happened.


Jean Grey

In BIZARRE ADVENTURES (1981) #27, Atlantis’ warlord Attuma attempted to make Jean Grey and her sister, Sara, his new queens. To his horror, Attuma greatly underestimated the Phoenix’s power as she easily saved herself and Sara. Years later, during the events of ATLANTIS ATTACKS, Attuma encountered the real Jean Grey and once again tried to claim her as his own.

Jean was given a new outfit worthy of a queen of Atlantis. But if Attuma expected Jean to simply give into his desire, he had another thing coming. Even severely weakened, Jean was able to hold Attuma at bay until help arrived.



As the Goblin Queen, Madelyne Pryor was a main antagonist in crossover event INFERNO.  But some fans may forget that Jean Grey’s doppelganger also dragged Havok down with her!

Alex Summers fell for his brother’s estranged wife while the X-Men were living in Australia. That’s why he refused to believe that Madelyne had gone bad despite all evidence to the contrary.

While the X-Men and X-Factor fought each other, Alex held on to the demonic chariot that whisked Madelyne away. Alex felt pieces of himself fall aside, much like his costume. Following Madelyne’s demise, he slowly reclaimed himself, but the Goblin Prince look will live on in infamy.

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Rogue wasn’t the only member of the X-Men to have a transformative experience in the Siege Perilous. In UNCANNY X-MEN #251, Psylocke used her powers to convince the remaining members of the team to step into the chasm in order to save themselves from the cyborg Reavers. When Psylocke emerged, she was brainwashed by the Hand into becoming Lady Mandarin, the Mandarin’s top assassin.

The Mandarin’s faith in Psylocke was so complete that he actually lent her his power rings. She also received a very stylish suit of armor to go along with her new codename. Lady Mandarin successfully defeated Wolverine, nearly turning him into the Hand’s pawn as well. Fortunately, Logan’s fractured psyche helped Psylocke break the Hand’s conditioning, and she joined Wolverine and Jubilee on a quest to find the missing X-Men.


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