Published August 16, 2023

The Captain Krakoa Suit, Explained

Rediscover the Captain Krakoa suit's origin, as well as how it fell into Orchis' hands.

When mutantkind created their nation-state Krakoa in HOUSE OF X (2019) and POWERS OF X (2019), they publicly became one of the most advanced civilizations on Earth. Nevertheless, Krakoa had its secrets—its biggest being the Resurrection Protocols, an ingenious process that resurrects fallen mutants with their memories intact, essentially making death obsolete in this advanced utopia. The mutant community understandably wanted to keep knowledge of the Resurrection Protocols a secret from humanity to avoid any additional aggression and unwanted scrutiny, so they developed their own public hero to divert attention: Captain Krakoa.

Obscuring the identity of the wearer, this Super Hero suit comes with enhancements that augment the powers and abilities of its wearer and assist them in combat situations. Although the suit was designed to help mutantkind and further Krakoa's interests beyond its borders, the Captain Krakoa suit has since been stolen by forces actively plotting to eradicate mutants from the Marvel Universe for good. Here is everything you need to know about the Captain Krakoa suit, including its history in service of Krakoa and how it has recently been turned against the very mutants it was intended to protect.


Designed and built by the X-Men's resident tech expert Forge, the Captain Krakoa suit made its debut in X-MEN (2021) #6. The suit was originally intended to help mutants with non-combative powers play a role on the battlefield, should the need arise. However, these plans got tabled when Cyclops was killed during a public mission in X-MEN (2021) #8, complicating his return to active duty.

In response, the Quiet Council—the mutants who make all the important political decisions on Krakoa's behalf—voted to have Cyclops wear the Captain Krakoa suit in public to conceal the fact Scott Summers had since been resurrected. Though Cyclops resented that he had to hide his identity outside of Krakoa, he agreed to the vote in order to maintain the secrecy of the Resurrection Protocols. 

When the existence of the Resurrection Protocols leaked to the outside world anyway in X-MEN (2021) #12, Cyclops returned to the public eye. He quietly retired the Captain Krakoa suit, storing it in Krakoa's Treehouse, the X-Men's base of operations and an extension of Krakoa in New York City's Central Park.


Due to its original purpose of aiding non-combatant mutants, Forge incorporated numerous enhancements into the design of the Captain Krakoa suit. This includes a degree of augmented strength and endurance, as well as the power of flight. In keeping with much of Krakoa's plant-based architecture and technology, the suit also summons vines, which can be used offensively or defensively.

To conceal the identity of the wearer, the Captain Krakoa suit comes with a hood and visor, which obscure the wearer's face. The suit and visor can be summoned and deactivated telepathically, based on needs, while the suit itself can take on the appearance of different clothing in a matter of seconds.


Soon after the Resurrection Protocols leaked to the public, the anti-mutant organization Orchis began plotting a major attack on Krakoa and its growing population. Led by the villainous M.O.D.O.K. and Doctor Stasis, the two revived a mysterious figure with the intention of stealing the Captain Krakoa suit right out of the Treehouse. 

This plot swung into action during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2023: AVENGERS/X-MEN (2023) #1. While most of the X-Men were distracted by the third annual Hellfire Gala on Krakoa, the unidentified soldier successfully infiltrated the Treehouse and stole the suit.

Cyclops intercepted the thief before he could make off with the Captain Krakoa suit undetected, but not before the villain had already put it on. Despite putting up a valiant fight, Cyclops was easily defeated by the Captain Krakoa imposter, only to be flung from the top of Treehouse to the ground below. Before leaving, the new Captain Krakoa set fire to the Treehouse, with all of Manhattan witnessing mutantkind's grievous defeat as it blazed against the cityscape.


Now in possession of the Captain Krakoa suit, Orchis carried out a two-pronged attack on the rest of the Marvel Universe. The Captain Krakoa impostor carried out a brazen assault on the United States Senate, going so far as to bomb an intelligence committee meeting in the U.S. Capitol building. With knowledge of the suit's theft unknown to the public, Orchis successfully blamed this terrorist attack on mutants and Krakoa.

As the Avengers left the Hellfire Gala to deal with the attack on Washington, D.C., Orchis targeted the remaining visitors and inhabitants of Krakoa. In X-MEN HELLFIRE GALA (2023) #1, Doctor Stasis and Moira MacTaggert personally led Orchis troops to Krakoa after an opening assault carried out by Nimrod. 

Unbeknownst to Charles Xavier, Captain Krakoa had injected the Krakoan gates with a strange substance during his infiltration of the Treehouse. So, when Xavier complied with Stasis' demands to telepathically push all of mutantkind through the gates, he unknowingly sent them to their apparent deaths.


Even in the aftermath of the attacks on the Treehouse, the U.S. Capitol, and the Hellfire Gala, the identity of the new Captain Krakoa remains a mystery. To make matters worse, anti-mutant sentiment has reached an all-time around the world, thanks in part to Orchis tainting Krakoa's life-saving medication, with mutants shouldering the blame for its lethal effects. The mutants who survived the Hellfire Gala attack have either gone underground or remain forcibly detained on Mars under armed Orchis guard.

After he came face-to-face with Captain Krakoa himself, Captain America decided to form a new iteration of the Avengers Unity Squad with RogueDeadpoolQuicksilverPsylocke, and Penance in UNCANNY AVENGERS (2023) #1. Likewise, Captain Krakoa has recruited a number of mutant Super Villains—including the Blob and Fenris—to join him in forming the New Mutant Liberation Front, to further solidify the public's perception of mutants as a violently militant species. 

Unable to determine Captain Krakoa's identity in a heated rematch, Captain America discovered the mystery villain possesses superhuman strength the hard way when he had his arm brutally broken, leading to another defeat at Captain Krakoa's hands. The masked villain remains one of mutantkind's greatest threats as the FALL OF X gets underway.

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