Published February 2, 2021

Marvel Games Celebrates Black History Month with New Mobile Updates

We round up all the month-long celebrations, events, character drops, and more from your favorite Marvel games!

It’s the start of a brand new month, and with that, we're here with the latest updates from your favorite Marvel Games, which includes some drops in celebration of Black History Month!

Between MARVEL Contest of Champions to MARVEL Future Fight, and MARVEL Puzzle Quest to MARVEL Strike Force, there's something for everyone! Get ready to game on!


Marvel Contest of Champions

Each week in February, celebrate Black History Month as MARVEL Contest of Champions reflects on the achievements and contributions of iconic Black Super Heroes throughout the Marvel Universe. Log in every Monday in February to discover the origins of these powerful Champions, and add them to your team. 

  • 02/01: Luke Cage
  • 02/08: Storm
  • 02/15: Falcon
  • 02/21: Black Panther

And don’t forget to snag this epic wallpaper (hi-res and downloadable) below featuring the black Super Heroes of The Contest!

The epic events don’t stop! In addition to the Black History Month celebrations, here’s what to expect later this month:

Mixed Emotions

Psycho Man

You’re not the only one noticing Heroes acting strangely! This month, something sinister is afoot, and Johnny Storm is tracking down all the cuddle-hungry robots and lackadaisical super-scientists suddenly occupying The Battlerealm. Who or what could be inverting their personalities? What does it have to do with the Super-Skrull? Find out this month!

2 New Champions Toy with Summoners' Emotions

Psycho-Man is a genius scientist and ruler of a technocratic system of worlds in the Microverse. Obsessed with conquering the normal-sized universe, he crafted a mechanical exoskeleton so he could interact with things not on a microscopic scale. He carries with him the Control Box, a device capable of creating and controlling the emotions of anyone he chooses, especially feelings of Hate, Fear, and Doubt.

K’Lrt was a highly decorated soldier of the Super-Skrull Empire. But when the Super-Skrull invasion of Earth was thwarted by the Fantastic Four, he was made into Super-Skrull. The first and the greatest of the Super-Skrulls, he was imbued with all the powers of the Fantastic Four. When charged by cosmic power beamed directly into his body from the Super-Skrull homeworld, he becomes even more powerful than those whose powers he mimics. Nothing can stop him, and he shall make the Earth pay for what it has done to his people!

Lunar New Year

Battle monstrous opponents and celebrate the Lunar New Year in the Contest of Champions with this accessible and beginner-friendly Quest! During the event, log in every day to claim Crystal Shards, Gold, Units and Red Envelope Tickets from the special Lunar New Year Calendar! Spend Red Envelopes to gift your friends and Alliance mates, and contribute to the Lunar New Year Alliance Gifting Event!


Marvel Future Fight

Lookout for Special X-Men-themed gifts centering around two of Marvel’s iconic black mutants, Bishop and Storm! Login on the below dates to receive enough X-Genes to unlock these characters for FREE as well as level-up material to power them up!

  • 02/09 07:00 a.m. ~ 02/10 06:59 a.m. (PST): 30 X-Genes: Storm
  • 02/10 07:00 a.m. ~ 02/11 06:59 a.m. (PST): 50 M’Kraan Shards
  • 02/11 07:00 a.m. ~ 02/12 06:59 a.m. (PST): 30 X-Gene Selectors
  • 02/12 07:00 a.m. ~ 02/13 06:59 a.m. (PST): 50 M’Kraan Shards
  • 02/13 07:00 a.m. ~ 02/14 06:59 a.m. (PST): 30 X-Gene Selectors
  • 02/14 07:00 a.m. ~ 02/15 06:59 a.m. (PST): 50 Phoenix Feathers
  • 02/15 07:00 a.m. ~ 02/16 06:59 a.m. (PST): 30 X-Genes: Bishop


Marvel Puzzle Quest

Check your inbox in February to receive 400 Black Panther (King of Wakanda) shards for FREE. Also, PVP Events throughout the month will feature black characters in honor of Black History Month! Peep the schedule below and ready your teams!

  • 02/02: Black Panther (King of Wakanda)
  • 02/04: Shuri (Master Engineer)
  • 02/07: Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • 02/09: Misty Knight (Heroes for Hire)
  • 02/16: Storm (Mohawk)
  • 02/18: Miles Morales (Spider-Man)
  • 02/21: Luke Cage (Power Man)
  • 02/23: Riri Williams (Ironheart)
  • 02/25: Black Panther (T’Challa)
Marvel Puzzle Quest

Not only that, black heroes will receive bonus buffs throughout the month! Use select black heroes in these windows to unleash their full potential:

02/04 – 02/10

  • Miles Morales (Spider-Man)
  • Riri Williams (Ironheart)
  • Blade (Modern)
  • Sam Wilson (Falcon)
  • Storm (Modern)

02/11 – 02/17

  • Luke Cage (Power Man)
  • War Machine (James Rhodes)
  • Misty Knight (Heroes for Hire)
  • Storm (Mohawk)


  • Bishop (Classic)
  • Black Panther (King of Wakanda)
  • Blade (Daywalker)
  • Storm (Classic)


  • Shuri (Master Engineer)
  • Sam Wilson (Captain America)
  • Cloak & Dagger (Classic)
  • Black Panther (T’Challa)
Marvel Puzzle Quest

And later this month the Phoenix Force pays a visit to a certain mutant... look out for more MPQ news soon!


Marvel Strike Force

Celebrate Black History Month with Marvel's Black Icons! During the month of February, all game events will feature black characters and allow you to dive into the history and cultural importance of these influential Marvel icons who helped shape the Marvel Universe. And be sure to log in throughout February to unlock Ironheart for FREE. 

Check the schedule below for the full slate of events:

  • 02/01-03: Spider-Man (Miles) Blitz
  • 02/02: 2x Bonus - All Wakandan Characters 
  • 02/05:  Shuri Campaign Event (Chaos Theory)
  • 02/07: 2x Bonus - Falcon 
  • 02/08-10: Killmonger Blitz
  • 02/13: 2x Bonus - Black Panther & Storm
  • 02/15 -17: War Machine Blitz 
  • 02/15: Nick Fury Legendary Event
  • 02/20: 2x Bonus - Luke Cage
  • 02/22-24: M'Baku Blitz 
  • 02/25: 2x Bonus - Okoye 

Also, don’t miss Bishop and Jubilee rounding out the Astonishing X-Men later this month!

Stay tuned to for Marvel Games news and interviews and follow Marvel Games on Twitter for more!


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