Published June 23, 2023

MARVEL Strike Force Introduces Primordial Asgardian Warrior Vahl

MARVEL Strike Force introduces its fourth original character Vahl, the keeper of Valhalla who bonded with the Phoenix Force in the wake of Ultimus' attack on their universe.

Vahl joins MARVEL Strike Force

A new Asgardian hero rises in MARVEL Strike Force!

Included in the v7.2 Update, Vahl is MARVEL Strike Force's fourth original character, following in the footsteps of Kestrel, Deathpool, and Spider-Weaver. After Ultimus destroyed their universe, Vahl emerged stronger than ever with the combined might of the Odin-Force and the Phoenix Force. Now, Vahl has used the Bifrost to travel to Nexus Earth with a singular focus: Protect the Multiverse.

One of the first Asgardians, Vahl was the keeper of Valhalla, the Asgardian afterlife, welcoming warriors and honored dead. As a primordial Asgardian, each person’s perception of Vahl is somewhat different. But Vahl is always a champion with unquestioned bravery that was put to the test when Ultimus entered Vahl's universe. He corrupted powerful Villains to join his army and invaded Valhalla.

Vahl slew those foes, one after another, taking their weapons and armor as trophies. When they reached Ultimus, Vahl battled valiantly, even managing to strike a blow that took Ultimus's eye... But Ultimus proved too strong. The Asgardian fell in battle, allowing Ultimus to corrupt what remained of Vahl's universe before continuing his conquest in the next universe. However, unbeknownst to Ultimus, Vahl survived, sustained by remnants of the Odin-Force that had sought out a vessel after Odin's demise.

Now the Last Asgardian, Vahl searched the galaxy for survivors and found a fledgling Phoenix Force. Needing a life to sustain it, the Phoenix Force cosmically bonded to Vahl. Together, Vahl and the Phoenix Force have followed Ultimus across the Multiverse, eventually reaching Nexus Earth. There, they allied themselves with wayward Asgardians who were also displaced from their own worlds—Sylvie, Beta Ray Bill, Loki, and his teen variant—with a joint mission: Protect the Multiverse.

Vahl is a Brawler for the Bifrost Raid team, and their Asgardian DNA mixed with the fledgling Phoenix Force has endowed them with high Health and Damage stats. They're the keystone member of Bifrost, and their abilities feature powerful offensive and defensive mechanics that help Bifrost cut down enemy waves. New to MARVEL Strike Force and within Vahl's abilities is the Exposed mechanic.

Exposed is a neutral status effect, like Charged, that can only be applied or prolonged by abilities specifically mentioning Exposed. Exposed stacks and their effect is uniquely applied by each character. With Vahl in the battle, enemies with Exposed have Health stolen from them when attacked, and Vahl receives Speed Bar and Ability Energy. But in Raids, Bifrost allies also receive these benefits, making Vahl even more important.

As mentioned above, everyone perceives Vahl differently, so staying true to their identity, Vahl will have three different appearances to choose from: Masculine, Feminine, and Non-Binary. Upon unlocking Vahl, you'll automatically gain access to all three appearances and can change Vahl’s appearance to the one of your choice in Vahl's Character Screen.

Vahl features three different appearances in MARVEL Strike Force

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