Published September 25, 2020

Close Out the Month with the Latest Play at Home Updates from Marvel Games

We round up all the events, character drops, and more from your favorite Marvel games!

Marvel Games

We're closing out September and with that, we're here to give you the scoop on the latest updates from your favorite Marvel Games.

Between Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales to Marvel’s Avengers, MARVEL Puzzle Quest to MARVEL Strike Force, and MARVEL Future Fight to MARVEL Contest of Champions, we've got everyone covered!


Were your Spidey-Senses tinglin'? If so, it was for good reason!

We have an official release dateMarvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be arriving for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this November 12! Be sure to check out the newly released 7-minute gameplay above, which reintroduces players to Miles Morales, who first appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The demo opens with Miles and his best friend, Ganke Lee, on their way to an election rally for Miles’ mother, Rio Morales.

Marvel Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month! Starting this weekend until October 11, login on Saturdays and Sundays to collect Biometrics for your favorite Hispanic heroes, including America Chavez and Miles Morales. First up are Nova (Sam Alexander) on Saturday and White Tiger on Sunday!

Marvel Future Fight

Be sure to login to the game from September 27 – October 7 to collect rewards in the Autumn Festival Lucky Gift Event! Rewards are drawn at random, but the more you participate, the more you earn!

ICYMI, check out Moon Knight’s newly released uniform inspired by his appearance in DAMNATION! Snag the uniform while it’s on sale now!




Join the meeting of the evil minds this September and earn big rewards in the Sinister Assembly event going on now in MARVEL Strike Force! Pilfer Purple and Orange Gear, along with Elite 5 Credits, Gold, and more as you pay tribute to the Sinister Six's leader. Here's what the Sinister Six has in store for you:

  • Doctor's Orders Milestone
    Earn Sinister Credits from Daily Objectives, spending Campaign Energy, and Blitz & VS Battle Matches (launched via the Events section), then use this special currency to open Assembly Orbs in the Store for orange, purple, and blue gear rewards.
  • Hunting Grounds Milestones
    Duke it out against other Commanders in VS Battles to score points and earn Sinister Credits in a daily milestone. VS Battle matches must be launched from the Events section to score points.



This just in, Negasonic Teenage Warhead brings her nuclear power to MARVEL Puzzle Quest! Read about her playstyle here.


Also, login gifts are available from now until October 5, including 10 Health Packs and Nico Minoru Shards for FREE!


ICYMI, Apocalypse joins MARVEL Contest of Champions this week! Read about En Sabah Nur’s playstyle here and check his Marvel 101 above!

Marvel’s Avengers

With the action-adventure blockbuster video game Marvel's Avengers taking the world by storm, discover how the epic kicked off with the official prequel novel Marvel's Avengers: The Extinction Key. Read an excerpt here.

Who needs Terrigen Mist when you’ve got the speed, strength, and endurance of an Olympic athlete? To celebrate the recent release of Marvel’s Avengers, four players from Team USA received Avengers-inspired makeovers highlighting some of their real-life powers. Gymnast Simone Biles, track and field sprinter Allyson Felix, swimmer Nathan Adrian, and skateboarder Jagger Eaton transformed into some of their favorite Marvel Super Heroes featured in the game, thanks to makeup artist Kandee Johnson. Check out the images by Peter Yang here

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Vote for the Next MARVEL Puzzle Quest Character

Polls remain open from Jan. 14-19. Be a part of MARVEL Puzzle Quest history!


Piecing Together MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Abigail Brand (S.W.O.R.D.)

Abigail Brand knows what it takes to deal with [CLASSIFIED] as well as [ALSO CLASSIFIED] and [SERIOUSLY, VERY CLASSIFIED].


Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Doc Ock (No Way Home)

“Otto Octavius is a scientist with theories that could change the world..."

Marvel 101

Marvel Contest of Champion's Kraven | Marvel 101

With sights on new prey, Sergei Kravinoff makes his way to the hunting grounds of The Battlerealm. Kraven the Hunter has entered Marvel Contest of Champions: