Published August 19, 2021

Brand New Marvel Studios' 'Eternals' Trailer Addresses Their Role on Earth and Thanos

Here's everything we learned in the official trailer! 'Eternals' arrives in theaters November 5.

The official trailer for Marvel Studios' Eternals is here!

The third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four arrives in theaters on November 5. Directed by Academy Award-winner Chloé ZhaoEternals welcomes a welcomes an exciting new team of Super Heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe—the Eternals.

Seven Days

In the trailer, the wise and spiritual Ajak (played by Salma Hayek) explains the situation at hand to Ikaris (played by Richard Madden), "Five years ago, Thanos erased half of the population of the universe. But the people of this planet brought everyone back with a snap of a finger."

However, the events has caused an unexpected conflict for them, "The sudden return of the population provided the necessary energy for the emergence to begin." Unfortunately, they only have seven days.

The Eternals

The humankind-loving Sersi (played by Gemma Chan) tells Dane Whitman (played by Kit Harrington) she's an Eternal. She and the rest of the immortal heroes, the Eternals, came here 7,000 years ago, since the dawn of man, to "protect humans from the Deviants."

Dane wants to understand why didn't they help fight Thanos or any of the other terrible events that unfolded throughout history, to which Sersi states, "We were instructed not to interfere in any human conflicts unless Deviants were involved."

Bringing the Team Back Together

Sersi reveals that she hasn't seen some of the other Eternal teammates for centuries. With the monstrous creatures, the Deviants, long thought lost to history, mysteriously return, Ikaris decides that it's time for them to "find the others" and defend humanity once again.

As the epic story unfolds, Sersi and Ikaris reunite with Kingo (played by Kumail Nanjiani), Sprite (played by Lia McHugh), Gilgamesh (played by Don Lee), Thena (played by Angelina Jolie), Makkari (played by Lauren Ridloff), Phastos (played by Brian Tyree Henry), and Druig (played by Barry Keoghan).

End of the World

Understanding the situation at hand, Sprite jokes, "If this is what the end of the world looks like, at least we have front-row seats."

Phastos retorts, "You know what's never saved the planet? Your sarcasm." Touché, Phastos, touché.

Earth's Fate

The fierce warrior Thena reminds us, "We have loved these people since the day we arrived," and "When you love something, you protect it."

However, the Deviant Kro is heard exclaiming, "You can't protect any of them."

The Safe House That Phastos Built

We all know what it's like when family is reunited—pure chaos!

Sersi and Ikaris join Phastos in his home, and remark that he must have built the perfect safe house. To prove his theory, and to show off his might, Ikaris questions if the table they're sitting at is made of Vibranium as he smashes it with his fist.

An exasperated Phastos looks over his now broken table with objects all over the place, and responds, "Fall collection. IKEA." Good job, Ikaris.

In addition to the trailer above, Marvel Studios has also unveiled a brand-new poster for the upcoming globetrotting adventure!

Marvel Studios' Eternals Payoff Poster

Chloé Zhao directs the film, and Kevin Feige and Nate Moore are the producers, with Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso and Kevin de la Noy serving as executive producers. The story is by Ryan Firpo & Matthew K. Firpo, and the screenplay is by Chloé Zhao & Patrick Burleigh.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals opens in theaters this November 5, 2021!

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