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Published December 11, 2019

Marvel's Runaways: Elizabeth Hurley on the Immense Power of Morgan le Fay

Season 3 of 'Marvel's Runaways' premieres December 13, exclusively on Hulu!

The Runaways have much to fear in the third and final season of Marvel's Runaways —they've never faced a threat as a full-frontal, magical assault from sorceress Morgan le Fay before.

As Elizabeth Hurley, who portrays the enchanting yet sinister villain, puts it, "Unlike the kids who are discovering their powers, they're amateurs, she's not an amateur."

In a previous interview, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, executive producers and co-showrunners of the series, revealed they casted Hurley because she fit the bill on everything Morgan le Fay is—powerful, regal, commanding, kickass, funny, and British.

Hurley, referencing her prior relationship with Schwartz and Savage from Gossip Girl, got in touch with her because they had the "perfect role" for her as "the most powerful temptress." Hurley was flattered they viewed her as "immortal," and a "megalomaniac" who is keen on "taking over the world."

What drew Hurley to the role? After she researched Morgan le Fay, she revealed that she loved how she looks, how she's been portrayed, and all the various fights and battles she's had.

Speaking on manifesting magic, Hurley learned to speak Latin as well as the various hand movements associated with witchcraft, known as tutting.

In the final season, the Runaways are juggling both the Magistrate (aka Jonah) and his family, as well as Morgan le Fay. With the Runaways forced to grow and level up, Nico's powers grow, to the point that it alerts Tandy and Tyrone to what's happening in Los Angeles. Nico draws Tandy, Tyrone, and the Runaways into a dark realm, which Morgan le Fay just so happens to rule.

Hurley revealed, "[Morgan] uses one of the Runaways, Nico, as the conduit to get out into the world again." In using kindness and understanding with Nico, "that's where you can see the different parts of Morgan's character." In Morgan's mind, she "genuinely believes she could make the world a better place and she genuinely wants the Runaways to join her, and be with her, and be part of her new regime, which she thinks would be fantastic for the full of mankind."

All 10 episodes of Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 will premiere exclusively on Hulu on December 13.

Need to catch up? Stream Seasons 1 and 2 of "Marvel's Runaways" exclusively on Hulu now!

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