Germán Aguilar

Germán Aguilar

Teenager Germán Aguilar speaks his mind and can project his animal half as a defensive weapon—a magical ability that gets him into the Strange Academy.


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Germán Aguilar is an animage who gets accepted into Strange Academy, a school for mystically-inclined students. There, he learns more about magic and studies alongside fellow students who are from all over the 10 realms.


Powers of the Animal Kingdom

One night in Guanajuato, México at the home of Germán Aguilar and his parents, the young Germán wakes his parents with his animage powers, despite sleeping soundly and completely unaware of his own ability. His parents find him and seeing an energy-like projection of a cheetah shooting out from his body, they call him a Nahuel—a myth in México that says the Nahual could transform into half-man, half-animal. Though it’s not until he’s a teenager that he enrolls at the Strange Academy—a magically hidden school in New Orleans for those with magical abilities.

Attending orientation led by Academy teachers Jericho Drumm, AKA Doctor Voodoo, and Zelma Stanton, Germán learns where everything is located on campus from the classrooms and labs to the dormitories. He takes a lunch break with the other students and learns a bit more about Calvin Morse, a foster care kid, and Dessy, the demon from Limbo who he calls out as being “extra” after she reveal more about herself and her abilities. He tries to get to know his academy roommate Toth, a Crystal Warrior and Man-Thing hybrid, but Toth’s a silent type so Germán does most of the talking.



Since Germán is an animage, meaning he can channel animal projections that possess the strength of their animal forms. These projections do what Germán wants them to do simply by willing it, though while he is in an animage state, his body is vulnerable. In his culture, he is called a Nahuel. He speaks English and Spanish fluently.


Academy Friends

At Strange Academy, Germán rooms with Toth, who isn’t the most talkative student. Germán also befriends Frost Giant Guslaug, AKA Gus, and they practice their powers together on campus.


Germán’s History

After orientation day and learning who his teachers would be at the academy, Germán’s fellow student Doyle Dormammu asked about the school’s namesake Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, and whether he’ll be joining the staff as well. Almost immediately following, Strange appeared through a portal battling a Throzil, a large beast with many different kinds of arms, and asked for assistance from the students. Germán battled the Throzil while fellow student Alvi Brorson the Asgardian protected him as he went into his animage state, allowing the animal he projected to attack the beast on his behalf. After the students, with Strange’s help, defeated the Throzil, they listened to a welcome speech from Strange who left it on a dire note with, “try not to die,” which shocked Germán and the other students.

On the first day of school, Germán attended classes learning more about mystical objects and creatures. About mid-day, Germán practiced his animage powers outside with Frost Giant and fellow student, Guslaug. Guslaug suggested they try something bigger for Germán to tackle, and Germán agreed. Guslaug then tore off a large tree branch and threw it towards Germán, to which he used his animage abilities to rip the branch in half.