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Without the capacity to control her mutant ability to absorb memories and powers, the young woman known as Rogue was once on a dark path. However, Rogue has successfully redeemed herself as a heroine and become a leader among the X-Men and the Avengers.

Going Rogue

Anna Marie, the girl who would become Rogue, ran away from home at an early age after bristling under the controlling nature of her aunt Carrie. Mystique encountered Anna Marie after she had embraced her "Rogue" nickname, and essentially adopted her alongside Destiny, Mystique's pre-cognitive mutant lover. Before long, Rogue's mutant powers manifested for the first time when she kissed a boy named Cody and left him comatose. Eventually, Rogue realized she could never have a normal life and accepted her role in Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Rogue fought with Ms. Marvel during one of her early Brotherhood missions, and without intending to, she permanently absorbed her foe's memories and powers.

Shortly thereafter, Rogue and the Brotherhood attacked the Avengers and nearly defeated them. Rogue went on to menace heroes such as Dazzler, the X-Men, and one of the Spaceknights, as Carol Danvers' ongoing presence in her mind quickly eroded her sanity. With no one else to turn to who could help her, Rogue approached the X-Men and their mentor, Professor Charles Xavier. Over the objections of his other students (and a very violent objection from Danvers herself), Xavier allowed Rogue to join the team.

Despite their early misgivings, the X-Men came to accept Rogue after she put herself on the line to save Wolverine's fiancée, Mariko Yashida, and Colossus. Over time, Rogue became one of the most trusted X-Men, and has gone on to both join and lead the Avengers Unity Squad.


Power Drain

Rogue's mutant ability requires skin-to-skin contact to absorb memories, powers, personality traits, physical talents, and strength. For most of her heroic career, Rogue was unable to control her power, and anyone she touched would almost immediately fall unconscious. However, Rogue's inability to regulate her power was largely psychological in nature, which she eventually overcame with the help of Charles Xavier. For a short time, she was able to take abilities from humans and mutants without harming them.

When infused with Danvers', the original Ms. Marvel powers, Rogue had super strength, flight, and she was nearly invulnerable to poisons and physical trauma. Rogue also inherited Ms. Marvel's precognitive "seventh sense," but she was never able to fully utilize it. Rogue briefly retained Sunfire's abilities to control fire, and she has ongoing access to Wonder Man's super strength, flight, and a degree of invulnerability from his ionic energy. Unfortunately, Rogue's new powers have once again rendered her unable to control her absorption ability.

The Deadliest of Foes

As a heroine, Rogue has no shortage of enemies, though her most personal nemesis may be Bella Donna Boudreaux, the ex-wife of Gambit. Their mutual love for the same man didn't immediately put them on a collision course; however, Rogue gave into temptation when she stole Bella Donna's memories while she was comatose. Bella Donna never forgave Rogue for that violation, and the escalation of their feud claimed the life of Cody, Rogue's oldest friend.

Rogue held a very personal grudge against the Red Skull for defiling the body of Charles Xavier to gain his telepathic abilities. Alongside two incarnations of the Avengers Unity Squad, Rogue led the hunt for the Red Skull and made it her mission to take back what he stole from her mentor and come to terms with Xavier's demise.


Pandemic, Vargas, the Grim Reaper, and the Shadow King number among Rogue's most dangerous adversaries. Rogue's encounters with these villains have very nearly ended her life and threatened her soul. Rogue may have also made herself a target of the Black Order and Proxima Midnight specifically, after recently killing her husband, Corvus Glaive, in a battle to save the Earth.

Friends and Frenemies

Rogue has a complex relationship with Mystique, whom she once regarded as her mother. In her own way, Mystique loved Rogue as well, but that didn't stop her from exploiting Rogue's powers as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Their relationship has been tested to the breaking point and beyond, although they currently have an uneasy peace between them. Rogue was much closer to her late foster-mother, Destiny, whom she still fondly remembers. Years later, Rogue discovered that her only close friend in the Brotherhood was another young woman who called herself Blindspot. However, Blindspot disappeared from Rogue's life as quickly as she had re-entered it.

Among the X-Men, Rogue has formed close friendships with Wolverine, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Storm, Iceman, Cannonball, Psylocke, Jubilee, Longshot, and her foster brother, Nightcrawler. But Gambit is the one that Rogue keeps coming back to. Despite everything that has passed between them, Rogue and Gambit's love for each other remains intact. However, even their romantic bond has been tested by Rogue's feelings for Magneto, as well as Magneto's younger clone, Joseph.

The Avengers Unity Squad has become a second family for Rogue. She shared a bond with Human Torch and Deadpool, and she became much friendlier with Wasp, Thor, and other members of her team she once fought against. However, Rogue's antagonistic relationship with Scarlet Witch remains tense.

While Dazzler and Captain Marvel were once Rogue's enemies, she has made her peace with both women. However, a true friendship with either heroine may always be out of reach.




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A Rogue's Tale

Anna Marie was the only child of Owen and Priscilla, both of whom were more interested in Native American mysticism than in raising their own daughter. After Priscilla seemingly disappeared into the otherworldly realm known as "Farbanks," Owen abandoned Anna Marie. Priscilla's sister, Carrie, was left to raise Anna Marie by herself. Rogue was a bit of a troublemaker growing up, and was extremely unhappy while living with her aunt. Rogue ran away from home and was eventually taken in by Mystique and Destiny. Rogue's powers manifested with her first kiss, which she shared with a boy named Cody. Sadly, Cody was permanently rendered comatose, while Mystique indoctrinated the vulnerable Rogue into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Despite Destiny's warnings, neither of Rogue's surrogate mothers were able to prevent disaster from striking. Rogue's battle with Ms. Marvel left her stuck with Carol Danvers' memories and powers, while the real Carol Danvers spent years recovering from her ordeal. Although Rogue was a loyal soldier in the Brotherhood, Danvers' memories existing alongside her own was driving her crazy.

UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #171

In her desperation, Rogue was able to convince Professor Xavier and the X-Men to help her. When his powers were unable to provide a solution, Xavier approached Dr. Richard Palance, to gain his aid in controlling Rogue?s power. Palance used a sample of Rogue?s DNA to turn himself into Pandemic, a human mutate who could borrow the powers of mutants.

Rogue quickly earned her place among the X-Men, and resisted Mystique's pleas to return to the Brotherhood. She even managed to find common ground with Dazzler when they were teammates. However, an ugly incident in Genosha traumatized Rogue and sent her mind into full retreat. To escape, she allowed Carol Danvers' persona to take over her body, setting off an ongoing struggle for control. That came to a head during a battle with Master Mold, when Rogue sacrificed herself and was thrust into the mystic gateway known as the Siege Perilous. Sometime later, Rogue and a physical duplicate of Danvers emerged from the dimensional void with their own separate bodies, but Danvers soon fell under the control of the Shadow King.

In the Savage Land, Rogue narrowly survived an attack by the corrupted Danvers duplicate with an assist from Magneto. For a time, Rogue and Magneto formed a surprisingly romantic bond, but that was ruptured when he murdered their mutual enemy, Zaladane. Rogue rejoined the X-Men and began a flirtatious relationship with Gambit, which was challenged by his secrets and their inability to touch.

Early in their courtship, Rogue was shocked to discover that Gambit had been married to Bella Donna Boudreaux. The X-Men helped Bella Donna save her Assassin's Clan from the alien Brood, but she was thought to be dead in the aftermath. When Bella Donna turned up alive and in a coma, Rogue gave into her desire to experience Bella Donna's memories with Gambit and touched her. This briefly led Bella Donna to forget who she was. When she remembered what happened, Bella Donna sought to get revenge on Rogue by kidnapping her childhood crush, Cody. Those actions ultimately cost Cody his life, but not before he told Rogue he forgave her for what she had done to him.

Subsequently, Rogue and Gambit became closer and they were even physically intimate when they were temporarily powerless captives. However, Rogue abandoned Gambit in Antarctica when she learned he had inadvertently helped the Marauders set up the Mutant Massacre.

UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #350

Months later, Rogue and Gambit reconciled and slowly rebuilt their relationship. Shortly before the emergence of the Neo, Rogue's fellow X-Men wanted her to step up as the leader of her own team. Rogue was very reluctant to take the mantle and her time as a leader was fairly short. Soon after, Rogue was nearly murdered by Mystique when she got in the way of a plot to assassinate presidential candidate Robert Kelly. Their bond has yet to fully recover from that incident.

On several occasions, Rogue's powers have allowed her to become a one woman army. During the invasion of the alien conqueror, Khan, Rogue had access to every ability she had ever absorbed while she fought off Khan's forces. Taking advantage of the chaos, an enigmatic warrior named Vargas nearly killed Rogue and Gambit. Vargas believed Rogue was destined to kill him in battle, and he attempted to thwart that destiny by killing her first. Rogue ultimately defeated Vargas, and avenged his earlier murder of Psylocke. But her enhanced mutant powers never returned after their final fight.

Sometime later, Cyclops offered Rogue the chance to once again form her own X-Men team, and she led them to victory over the Children of the Vault and other threats. Soon afterwards, Pandemic reemerged and captured Rogue. He then injected her with a virus called Strain 88, which was designed to let him steal Rogue's powers. However, the virus nearly claimed Rogue's life and made her touch fatal to others. Rogue's subsequent exposure to the alien threat known as the Hecatomb left her nearly insane.

To save her daughter, Mystique engineered a complex plan that involved betraying the X-Men and working with Mister Sinister and the Marauders to find Hope Summers, the infant who was destined to be the Mutant Messiah. Mystique used Rogue's death touch to take out Sinister, and the touch of baby Hope's flesh purged Rogue of Strain 88. However, Rogue was horrified at her foster-mother's actions and rejected her once again.

NEW X-MEN (2004) #46

In the aftermath, Rogue abandoned the X-Men and retreated to their former headquarters in the Australian Outback. Xavier, Gambit, and Danger eventually came looking for Rogue. By this time, Xavier had finally figured out how to help Rogue control her powers on a permanent basis. The mental procedure was a resounding success, and Rogue returned to the X-Men, where she went on to become a mentor for the younger mutants associated with the team. Rogue also found innovative ways to use the abilities of her students and teammates.

After Magneto came back to the X-Men, Rogue initially rebuffed his attempt to recover the spark they once shared in the Savage Land. However, she ultimately embraced Magneto for a short time even though they ultimately came down on opposite sides of the X-Men's schism. Following the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Rogue and Magneto ended their relationship and amicably parted ways. However, neither Rogue nor Magneto had been able to prevent Xavier's murder at the hands of a Phoenix-possessed Cyclops.

Xavier's death seemed to unhinge Rogue, especially when she discovered that the Red Skull had mutilated her mentor's body. Rogue's anger was uncharacteristically misplaced towards Scarlet Witch to such an intense degree that she actually killed her teammate while under the impression that she was working with the enemy. Moments later, the Grim Reaper fatally impaled Rogue. Rogue and Scarlet Witch were only spared from this being their final fate due to a plan to travel back in time to prevent the triumph of the Apocalypse Twins.

Mortified by her apparent willingness to murder, Rogue attempted to make amends with Scarlet Witch before achieving her greatest heroic feat to date. The Celestial Executioner was on the verge of destroying the world, and Earth's heroes willingly lent Rogue their powers so she could confront it. However, Rogue was unable to relinquish Wonder Man's ionic body, leaving her permanently empowered and once again unable to touch other people without absorbing their minds and powers.


While leading the Avengers Unity Squad, Rogue got very close to both Human Torch and Deadpool. Rogue even entertained the possibility of a romance with Deadpool, because she came to recognize his best qualities. Kissing Deadpool allowed Wonder Man to emerge from Rogue's body, although her enhanced powers he'd granted her remained. Deadpool's subsequent actions in Secret Empire ruined their chances of ever being together, but he and Rogue still openly care for each other. During an undercover mission for the X-Men, Rogue and Gambit reunited and their romantic feelings for each other have returned to the surface.

Rogue was one of the handful of Avengers who were forced to step into a cosmic game between the Grandmaster and the Challenger. Many of the heroes followed Rogue's lead as she avenged the apparent death of the Human Torch by defeating the Black Order. Rogue was also among a motley team of X-Men who encountered the Shadow King in London as he threatened to escape from the Astral Realm.