Published February 10, 2020

Carnage’s Most Psycho Saga Ever

The triple-sized opener to ‘Absolute Carnage’ hits Marvel Unlimited, along with the next issue of ‘House of X’!

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New in Marvel Unlimited

Absolute Carnage (2019) #1

Absolute Carnage (2019) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Creators Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman resurrected Cletus Kasady, AKA Carnage, from the bowels of Hell following his death in VENOMIZED (2018)… and now he’s set to maim, kill, or just slowly suck the brains dry of every. Single. Symbiote. Host. EVER. (Yea, we kept tabs).

Apparently, “GOD IS COMING,” or so the Cult of Carnage kept telling us in the pages of WEB OF VENOM: CARNAGE BORN (2018) #1.

Carnage Born

The event’s Editors hand-selected some PRELUDE READING HERE, although the only things you’ll really need to know is that Cletus Kasady is back, piloting the Carnage symbiote once more, and that he’s now empowered by an ancient alien evil sourced from the codices, unique genetic markers that are embedded in the spine of anyone who’s ever worn a symbiote.  

That’s why Carnage is beyond determined to eviscerate “symbiote Dad” Venom, along with Eddie Brock’s kid son, Dylan.


Oh, and since Spider-Man once slipped into a black symbiote suit of his own, he’s similarly screwed.


And, Marvel Insiders! You can actually WIN 1,000 INSIDER POINTS for reading select comics from this event. Grab more details here for our #1 ABSOLUTE CARNAGE CHALLENGE, and check back weekly as this multi-title murder spree oozes across the pages of some seriously deranged stories starring Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Deadpool, Captain Marvel and more.

Plus, we’ve got another comic joining the library that we know you’ve been waiting for…

House of X (2019) #2

House of X (2019) #2

What is Marvel Unlimited?

The X-Men’s HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X interconnected epic continues, and with ‘House’ issue #2, writer Jonathan Hickman fleshes out the known lifetimes of Moira MacTaggert, the catalyzing influence behind the X-Men’s current present on Krakoa.

“I am here. I have always been here.”


NO SPOILERS, but if you’ve read POWERS OF X #1, you’ll recognize a full circle moment, a beat that unifies Charles Xavier’s vision for his X-Men and the future of mutantkind.


See all of this week’s Marvel Unlimited titles here, including our handful of Throwback Thursday arrivals, hitting the library February, 13.

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