Published March 16, 2020

Krakoa’s Hidden History

Read the next issue of ‘Powers of X,’ now in Marvel Unlimited. See what other titles are on our digital pull list this week.

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New in Marvel Unlimited

Powers of X (2019) #4

Powers of X (2019) #4

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POWERS OF X #4, the next chapter in writer Jonathan Hickman’s HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X saga, joins our digital comics mega-library, and with it, the knowledge of how exactly Charles Xavier and Magneto established the sovereign nation of Krakoa.

With the help of a few friends…

A visit to Bar Sinister sees Magneto and Xavier enter a truce-like agreement with one of their oldest foes… but when you need a genetic catalogue of the entire mutant race’s DNA, there’s really no better option.


Former New Mutant Cypher becomes a game changer too.

A mutant polyglot who can interpret any written or spoken language in this galaxy or the next, Doug Ramsey alone understands the depth of history Krakoa carries in its roots. An eerie conversation with the sentient island informs Cypher that Krakoa is actually halved, a portion of a land body that was once an ancient site of war called Okkara, or “One Land.” And you may recognize the “warrior-god in blue” that Krakoa credits as its savior.


Cypher also gets orders to develop a national mutant language. And while he’ll be its originator, Krakoa is its gatekeeper. Through some sort of bio-download, Cypher’s plan is that, Krakoan, the mutant language, will be embedded into the mainframe of the island’s ecosystem. It all sounds terribly complex, but thankfully we’re given a helpful infographic of Cypher’s plan and Krakoa’s current capabilities.

Krakoan Systems

Plus, see what other titles we’re reading this week!


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Meet far future Thor, All-Father of a dying universe and a broken realm. Superstar creators Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic continue their “God Butcher” arc from THOR: GOD OF THUNDER (2012), continuing a much-older Thor’s quest to slay the immortal-killing Gorr. And, making matters worse, the wielder of All-Black the Necrosword has allowed his blade to fall into a trickster god’s hands.

King Thor
Just call him Old Man Loki.


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Another fun addition to the ABSOLUTE CARNAGE event. 2 Ghost Riders + 1 Cletus Kasady = Carnage becoming a Spirit of Vengeance. See the mash-up for yourself. Start with the “Circle of Four” Venom arc too if you’re looking for more backstory!



Editor’s favorite. With Ego the Living Planet on his side, the lone Sentinel of the Spaceways continues his mission to overthrow the Black King Knull. And, Norrin Radd sees Galactus’ true face.

Silver Surfer: Black #4


Brush up on Spider-Woman’s past ties to Hydra (and Taskmaster) in her origin by Brian Michael Bendis and the Luna Brothers. It will get you excited to grab Jessica Drew’s new issue #1 this Wednesday, on sale in print or digital.



A full-on morality war, and a great one at that. Across 3 double-sized issues, artist Klaus Janson pits Cap and the Punisher against a global arms ring.




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