Published December 21, 2023

Marvel Heroes Who Have Fought Vampires

As the Marvel Universe gears up for 'Blood Hunt,' revisit a few heroes—like Spider-Man and the Avengers—who have plenty of experience fending off the undead.

In BLOOD HUNT (2024), vampires will rise across the world—and fortunately for the Marvel Universe, a surprising number of heroes already have extensive experience combating the undead. 

In addition to supernatural characters like Blade, solo heroes such as Spider-Man and teams as prominent as the Avengers have faced vampires at some point in their lengthy careers. Here are all the terrifying times that Marvel heroes have ventured outside of their crime-fighting comfort zones to battle vampires.


Both Peter Parker and Miles Morales have run into vampires across their respective adventures, often as part of an impromptu team-up with Blade. Peter first teamed up with Blade after traveling to New Orleans to seek the vampire hunter's help in MARVEL TEAM-UP (1997) #7. The Daywalker returned the favor in PETER PARKER: SPIDER-MAN (1999), where he traveled up to New York City and reunited with Spider-Man to deal with an out-of-control Morbius, the Living Vampire.

Miles' team-up with Blade took place years later, after a vampire nest formed in the Brooklyn subways in MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN (2022) #11. Meeting Blade's equally lethal daughter Brielle Brooks, Miles was gifted with a magical super suit that offered him protection against vampires. Together, the trio successfully rooted out the vampire nests, even after their mission grew more complicated when the speedster super hero Hightail became a vampire herself.


Doctor Strange, the Master of Mystic Arts himself, has battled the undead on more than one occasion. In THE TOMB OF DRACULA (1972) #44, Stephen Strange crossed paths with Dracula. Shaken by this encounter, Strange teamed up with monster hunters to destroy all vampires on Earth through dark magic.

Using the Darkhold, Strange cast an incantation known as the Montesi Formula, a powerful spell designed to eliminate all undead creatures walking the Earth. Despite meddling from Dracula, Strange pulled off this tricky feat in DOCTOR STRANGE (1974) #62, with the help of Blade and Hannibal King

Though this spell successfully destroyed all vampires for an extended time, Blade accidentally undid the Montesi Formula years later. As a result, vampires—including Dracula—returned with an especially deep grudge towards the Sorcerer Supreme.


The X-Men and vampires have clashed on multiple occasions, with Dracula taking a particularly unhealthy interest in Storm. In UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #159, he even attempted to make her his undead bride. 

Shortly before Doctor Strange used the Darkhold to eliminate vampires, Kitty Pryde nearly used it herself to save her friend, only to be stopped by Nightcrawler, who feared the dark magic would permanently stain Kitty's soul. Instead, the timely assistance of Rachel Van Helsing saved Storm's life, temporarily destroying Dracula in the process.

Years later, Dracula's son Xarus overthrew his father and took control of the vampires before deciding to relocate his undead army to San Francisco. The X-Men had recently relocated to the coastal California city themselves, and Jubilee was transformed into a vampire by Xarus' fiendish plot. 

Growing desperate, the X-Men resurrected Dracula in X-MEN (2010) #3 and agreed to help him regain control of the vampires. In exchange, he left San Francisco after defeating their mutual enemy Xarus.


The vampires of the Marvel Universe eventually formed their own United Nations-sanctioned nation-state in the ruins of Chernobyl, Ukraine. However, the formation of this undead country proved to be anything but a safe haven for vampires, as two different factions went to war for ruling authority. As this bloody unrest began to spill all over the world, even as far as Wakanda, Earth's Mightiest Heroes decided to personally intervene to bring this vampire civil war under control and ensure a swift resolution.

Beginning in AVENGERS (2018) #14, Dracula endured a bold coup, causing the vampire population throughout the Marvel Universe to descend into all-out chaos. When the dust finally settled, the Avengers helped Dracula regain power over the undead masses, with the United Nations granting the fledgling country official sovereignty and all the diplomatic protections that came with it. 

Dracula didn't get placed back into his usual leadership position without any strings, of course. Blade was appointed the UN's official inspector in the vampire state, and he closely monitored its activity to make sure it didn't become a global threat ever again.


Chernobyl wasn't Dracula's first attempt to create a vampire nation-state in Europe. First, he tried to conquer the United Kingdom and subjugate humanity in the British Isles. Fortunately, the British government formed its own super hero team: the MI13, an ensemble so formidable that they were the first nation to drive out the Skrulls during SECRET INVASION (2008). Led by Captain Britain and tactical mastermind Pete Wisdom, the MI13 welcomed Blade into their ranks just in time for the Daywalker to help them against the full-scale assault.

To kick off his unholy invasion, Dracula infiltrated the British government with vampire double agents while personally targeting a number of key figures, including members of MI13. Dracula's plot took shape in CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13 (2008) #10, where the vampire lord attempted to remove an ancient protection spell that blocked him from unleashing his full army on Great Britain. In the end, a combination of magical might and strategic cunning helped MI13 stay one step ahead of Dracula, with Captain Britain and his allies dealing the vampires a fiery defeat.

The Marvel Universe will need all the help it can get to fend off a vampire scourge in BLOOD HUNT #1, on sale May 1!

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