Published March 9, 2020

Professor X Says “No More” in ‘House of X’ #4

Don’t miss this explosive issue from the X-Men’s redefining series, now in Marvel Unlimited.

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House of X (2019) #4

House of X (2019) #4

What is Marvel Unlimited?

It’s disaster, outright disaster in this week’s HOUSE OF X #4, the next issue in the HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X saga by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, and R.B. Silva.

We won’t spoil a thing since this is a monumental ish, but we will give a heads up that an EMOTIONAL PUNCH is incoming…


Following last issue’s mission, covered here, Cyclops and company careen through space towards the Orchis Forge, where they’ve promised Xavier and Magneto that they’ll dismantle the Mother Mold Sentinel. And while the team thought they were going in with a bang... their orders soon unravel with a whimper.

HoX #4

‘Nuff. Said.

If you’re looking for horror that you actually expect, continue the ABSOLUTE CARNAGE event with this week’s ABSOLUTE CARNAGE: SCREAM #2. Remember Patricia Robertson from VENOM (2003)? If you don’t, Patricia was once the host to the Mania symbiote, most recently worn by Andi Benton in VENOM (2011).

After being forcibly bonded to the Scream symbiote, (resurrected from the exhumed grave of Donna Diego), Robertson goes on the attack against Benton, desperate to reclaim what was once hers. And, of course, the Cult of Carnage is pulling all the strings.

Scream #2

Looking to keep tabs? Check out our Reading List of every single symbiote host ever.

Plus, we have a major debut hitting the library, one that will get you primed and pumped for Marvel Studios’ Black Widow!

The Web of Black Widow (2019) #1

The Web of Black Widow (2019) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Natasha Romanoff fires off her widow’s bites with deadly accuracy, towing the line between her Avenger and super-spy self in this quickly paced series. A mysterious figure is exploiting Black Widow’s present by dredging up her past, one checkered with ties to the Red Room program—the institution that turned an adolescent Natasha into a brainwashed assassin.

But Nat’s a grown woman now, and she’s letting her dance moves do all the talking.

Web of Black Widow

The first issue of THE WEB OF BLACK WIDOW (2019) also features an important guest-star, a certain Armored Avenger who played a pivotal role in her first comic appearance (TALES OF SUSPENSE #52).


And, Marvel Unlimited has your passport to the Great White North—this week’s ALPHA FLIGHT: TRUE NORTH #1 features 3 never-before-told tales starring members of Canada’s premiere super-team. An all-Canadian crew including writers Jim Zub, Ed Brisson and Jed Mackay, unearth the secret history of Alpha Flight stalwarts. So grab your hat and travel light, eh?

From Aurora to Vindicator, get to know the full roster with our Alpha Flight Reading List.

Plus, Throwback Thursday lovers rejoice. After multiple requests from Dazzler’s hardcore fan base, we’re adding in issues #2-13 from her retro ’80s series!

Sweat in unforgiving white spandex to the oldies, as the X-Men’s resident Disco Popstar Roller Derby Queen puts on a light show that makes the Asgardians say “ZOUNDS!”

DAZZLER (1981) #2

And the showdown doesn’t stop with Enchantress… Lord of Latveria Doctor Doom will be treated to Alison Blaire’s musical talents too!

The Doom of Dazzler in DAZZLER (1981) #3.


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VIZ Manga Adds Marvel Comics to Digital Subscription Service


VIZ Manga Adds Marvel Comics to Digital Subscription Service

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