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Published October 4, 2019

Marvel at New York Comic Con 2019: Day 2 Recap

Get a rollockin' recap of everything that went down on Friday at NYCC!


And just like that, the second deliriously delightful day at New York Comic Con 2019 comes to a close!

Marvel LIVE! was abuzz with special guests and first looks at new toys and merch from across the mighty Marvel Multiverse, True Believers everywhere got wind of a cacophony of captivating Marvel Comics news, Marvel Games released a few fantastic items, and Marvel's Runaways wowed fans with peeks at Season 3!

Look through all of a fantastic Fridays interviews, events, and surprises with this handy review!

Marvel's Runaways

Star Wars

Tune in to Marvel LIVE! starting at 11:00 AM ET tomorrow morning for more of Marvel at New York Comic Con...and for all the news and Marvel exclusives, visit!


In the Marvel Universe, "Everybody's Welcome" Art By Joe Quesada


In the Marvel Universe, "Everybody's Welcome"

Joe Quesada, Vita Ayala and Edgar Delgado reflect on the ever-expanding Marvel Universe and an increasingly inclusive comic book industry.

Women of Marvel NYCC


Women of Marvel Welcomes Some Powerhouse Talent from NYCC 2019

So many incredible women together on one stage!

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Costoberfest: Week 2's Marvel Cosplayers

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Marvel Live

Disney Parks: Super Hero Experiences around the World at NYCC 2019!

Scot Drake, Portfolio Creative Executive and Dan Fields, Executive Creative Director, update New York Comic Con 2019 on all things Disney Parks and Super Heroes LIVE from the Marvel booth.