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Published February 14, 2020

This Week's 10 Must-Read Marvel Stories: 02-14-20

We love everything from this past week.

Wondering if you missed any major Marvel things this week? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! 

As we close out another exciting week at the House of Ideas, it’s time to take a quick look back at everything that happened — and have you pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers yet??

We also got a brand new look at some X-Factor costumes, along with exciting news about THE MARVELS. If that’s still not enough, Nebula’s getting a clean slate and we take a peek inside STRANGE ACADEMY #1. 

Read on to find out everything from this past week!

Pre-order 'Marvel's Avengers' Now

We've got details on the Earth's Mightiest Edition, Deluxe Edition, and pre-order bonuses!

Hydra has Invaded MARVEL Future Fight

The new characters are now available in hit RPG mobile game!

Piecing Together Marvel Puzzle Quest: Karnak (The Shatterer)

The Inhuman adviser is the latest 4-Star Rarity character!

'Marvel's Hero Project' Recap: Roving Robbie

Robbie has traveled the country to preserve all of its national parks and protect nature!

Exclusive Announcement: Kurt Busiek's New Ongoing Series, 'The Marvels'

This May, Busiek and Yildiray Cinar unite for one of the most expansive stories in Marvel history!

Exclusive Announcement: New Marvel Comics Coming in May 2020

'Marvel's Pull List' presents the first look at new books on the way from the House of Ideas!

Donny Cates on What's Next for Venom in "Beyond"

May's new story arc will continue Eddie Brock's story -- and reveal some answers for the symbiote series!


Here's Your First Look at the New 'X-Factor' Costumes

Peek inside April 22's 'X-Factor' #1 with Leah Williams and David Baldeón!

Skottie Young Enrolls in ‘Strange Academy’

Acclaimed writer and artist Skottie Young takes us inside ‘Strange Academy’ #1!

How 'Nebula' #1 Creates a Clean Slate

Spoiler alert! Look inside today's debut ish!

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Trailers & Extras

Marvel's Avengers: WAR TABLE for WAKANDA

Black Panther brings together the Avengers and the people of Wakanda to thwart a full-scale invasion by Ulysses Klaue. Watch the Marvel's Avengers: WAR TABLE for WAKANDA for an overview of what awaits you in Wakanda on August 17.

Trailers & Extras

Road to Wakanda: Fathers and Sons | Marvel's Avengers

"Klaue promised to finish what his father started." Zawavari tells the tale of two sons driven by the fatal fates of their fathers. Watch Road to Wakanda: Fathers and Sons to prepare for the War for Wakanda Expansion on August 17.


Try 'Marvel’s Avengers' at No Cost July 29 to August 1

All-access weekend offers full game experience on Playstation, Steam, and Stadia!


June 30's New Marvel Comics: The Full List

From the premiere of 'The United States of Captain America' to the finale of 'X-Factor,' find it all here!