Published September 16, 2022

Celebrating Spider-Man’s 60th Anniversary with Marvel Games

Check out the various events and releases Marvel Games had to celebrate Spider-Man’s 60th Anniversary this year!

Spider-Man’s 60th Anniversary Celebration is well underway, and that celebration reaches across our comics and movies into our video games! Check out how our Marvel Games titles have celebrated your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with players:


Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered released for PC on August 12, 2022. This version of the game featured new enhancements for ultra-wide monitors, NVIDIA DLSS/DLAA, Increased frame rate, and much more! Check out the game for yourself on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Watch the action-packed Launch trailer here!


Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales PC

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will arrive on PC later this year! Stay tuned and stay excited as we prepare to release the continued saga of our Spider-Men and their friends for PC soon.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

MARVEL Strike Force

Coming soon to MARVEL Strike ForceSpider-Weaver!

Spider-Weaver is an original character created to celebrate Spidey's 60th. She's a Native American warrior tasked with guarding the Web of Life & Destiny. She fights with mystic spider pincers that sprout from her back similar to Iron Spider. Scopely hired an Indigenous consultant to ensure the depiction and lore is culturally authentic. Check out the full details on GameInformer.

MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight featured a fun Spidey-themed crossword puzzle for players to uncover a hidden message! Missed out on the crossword puzzle in game? Check it out below and see if you can uncover the hidden message yourself. Good luck!

MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Puzzle Quest

MARVEL Puzzle Quest celebrated with a heap of fun events and characters releases over the past couple months. For the full list of characters and events, check out the timeline below:


  • Lost in Time PVE Event
    • Spider-Man was… lost in time and needed help from various Spidey friends and foes to get back home.
    • Ended 7/28


  • Spider-Man 60th Vault
    • Contained Spider-Man covers and shards
    • Contained Sinister Six covers and shards
    • Players could collect free Vault Tokens by using Spider-Man in battle each day
    • Ended 8/2
  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Versus Event
    • This was the first run of this event for this character! 5-Stars didn’t get Versus events when Peter was first introduced in MARVEL Puzzle Quest.
    • Ended 7/29



  • Chasm Versus Event
    • Release Versus Event for Chasm
    • Ended 8/3



  • Spider-Man (OsCorp) Versus Event
    • Release Versus Event for Spider-Man (OsCorp)
    • Ended 8/17
MARVEL Puzzle Quest Spider-Man Oscorp

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