Published August 23, 2019

'Marvel Contest of Champions': Summoner Showdown Recap: Week 4

See the next finalist going to New York Comic Con for the ultimate showdown!

Marvel Contest of Champions Summoner Showdown

Week 4 of the Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown is in the books after taking place at Marvel's New York City HQ on Wednesday, August 21! Three players faced off against the massive Maestro, the Week 2 challenger whom no player was able to defeat! But one player proved that Maestro was not unbeatable after all -- roastedbagel was the winner of Week 4, joining previous winners chunkyb, BigBlue807, and DTMelodicMetal at New York Comic in October for the final tournament! The entire match between roastedbagel and his two competitors -- JJW and Deacon OTR -- was broadcast during the weekly livestream, which you can tune in to every Wednesday at 4:00 PM ET by visiting

This week's challenge: The Maestro's Mayhem! First played back in Week 2, this is a throwback challenge where the players can only use champions from the year of Maestro's debut (2014-2015) to make it out of a match with the fastest KO time. (In the event that all three players are KO'ed, the winner will be determined by who could bring Maestro's HP level down the lowest.) This challenge is meant to harken back to the Maestro boss battle from the end of Act 4, when all of his buffs were active. But now, flash forward to 2019 and Maestro has two additional buffs: Limber (10%) and Unblockable Special Attacks. Another ace up his sleeve: Heal Blocks, which prevent his challenger from recovering from damage for 10 seconds. And if you'll recall, none of that week's three players left that fight alive! The winner, BigBlue807, was the player with the most damage done to the Maestro.

Here's how Week 4's mayhem played out:


Summoner Showdown Week 4 players
From left to right: JJW, roastedbagel, and Deacon OTR

First player up was JJW, who showed everyone that he believed in Magik! He chose this champion to face off against the massive Maestro after trying out her moves in his warmup. JJW threw a few good hits at Maestro, making use of Magik's Dexterity and trying to push Maestro into his SP 2. Unfortunately for JJW, the operating word there was "try." Maestro was hit with a stun, then JJW came back with a massive, swipe attack. Soon enough, Maestro came back with his Unblockable SP1 attack, knocking JJW's health down from a safe health level in the seventies that quickly plummeted down to a KO after just 1:18.

Next player was roastedbagel, who chose Spider-Gwen as his fighter against Maestro after a successful warmup. Spider-Gwen actually comes with five Spider-Sense Charges after taking five hits, making it possible for her to evade Maestro's special attacks without even trying -- will roastedbagel bring Spider-Gwen to victory? Let's find out! While it would have helped roastedbagel to take a few hits, he decided to lay some out first. It looked like a pretty even match as roastedbagel gave out hits and took some hits while getting in some good evades. Meanwhile, Maestro's health level dropped below the 74% level that JJW achieved, and it wasn't looking too good for the big, bad boss! But a couple of hits later, the situation was reversed, with roastedbagel's level down to 20% as Maestro's hovered in the thirties. Then yet another reversal of fortunes! Spider-Gwen came back after waiting the fight out a bit, then laying down some hefty hits on Maestro! Just a few evades and good hits later and roastedbagel brought Spider-Gwen to victory against the previously unbeatable Maestro!

Finally, Deacon OTR took the controls, but now he had a KO to beat. Spider-Gwen proved to be a venerable champion against Maestro, and Deacon OTR also chose her as his fighter. If he can KO Maestro in under 2:02, he's the winner -- but he has to get through this match first and only his immediate predecessor has beaten Maestro so far! Deacon OTR's strategy might be a bit different, since it looked like he was preserving his health rather than taking the hits to earn his five Spider-Sense Charges. Deacon OTR laid down several strategic slams at the beginning of the fight including a Spider Trap and some solid Evades, knocking Maestro down to 49%. It looked bleak for the boss, but then Deacon OTR took several hits in succession and was knocked out after 1:04.

As the only player to beat Maestro, this week's winner was roastedbagel!

Summoner Showdown Week 4 winner
The winner: roastedbagel!

You can watch the whole Week 4 showdown right here:

Coming up in Week 4 are these gallant gamers!

  • PandamanPete is a student, gamer, and Marvel fan who loves the game’s tight-knit community!
  • Dragonfei likes to play defensively to force the opponent to do what she wants, when she wants!
  • Royal.Marshall is a self-described "video game nerd" who loves having all the Marvel heroes and villains in the palm of his hand!

Who will join chunkyb, BigBlue807, DTMelodicMetal, and roastedbagel at New York Comic Con in October for the ultimate showdown? You'll have to keep tuning in to the livestream every Wednesday at 4:00 PM ET! Visit to watch the action unfold in the Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown!

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