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Published April 20, 2022

'Moon Knight': Episode 4 Details Log

“I enjoyed dealing pain on your behalf.”

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)


In Episode 4 of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, “The Tomb,” Arthur Harrow and his disciples have breached the imprisoned Egyptian deity Ammit’s tomb. Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Layla El-Faouly must find another means of passage. 

Following the events of the previous episode, “The Friendly Type,” the Ennead, frustrated with Khonshu’s latest violation of the sky with his thousand Egyptian nights display, have confined the god of the moon in his ushabti. Can Steven and Marc prevent the release of Ammit onto the world without Khonshu and the protection of Mr. Knight and Moon Knight?

Stream Moon Knight — Episode 4 “The Tomb” — now on Disney+, and read on to discover some notable highlights from our Details Log below!

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamwy) and Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)


•    Steven Grant/Mr. Knight
•    Marc Spector/Moon Knight
•    Arthur Harrow
•    Layla El-Faouly
•    Khonshu
•    Heka Priests
•    Taweret


•    Cairo
•    Putnam Psychiatric Hospital

Moon Knight - Mr. Knight (Oscar Isaac) and Khonshu


Selim, the avatar of Osiris, places Khonshu’s ushabti in a gallery within the Chamber of the Gods.

Elsewhere, at the edge of the desert, Layla struggles to wake up Steven Grant who has collapsed under the monumental act of finding the coordinates of the star placements for an evening over a thousand Egyptian nights ago when Ammit was imprisoned in her ushabti. As Arthur Harrow’s militant disciples close in on them, Layla is unable to drag Steven’s unconscious body through the sand. Saving them is the dark of night providing cover as Layla manages to push Steven over the side of a dune to relative safety. 

Layla’s quick-thinking has her shooting a flare onto the disciples’ truck bed and onto a crate of ammo. The truck bursts into flame as Steven staggers over to Layla in shock of the wreckage Layla handled.

We Made a Deal

In their battered jeep, Layla and Steven follow their coordinates to Ammit’s tomb, hoping Harrow hasn’t beaten them there.

Layla and Marc, seen in the reflection of a side mirror, are in agreement that once they reach Harrow, it should be Marc present to deal with the zealot. However, Steven does not agree, not willing to give this all up. Steven states that he and Marc had an agreement; when he was done with Khonshu, Marc would disappear, for good. Marc argues that the deal didn’t involve getting them and Layla killed. Disappointed, Layla looks at Steven and asks why she wasn’t made aware of a deal that would have Marc disappear from her life.

With his foot in mouth, Steven counters that Marc had already disappeared from her life, much to Marc and Layla’s stunned silence. Layla relents; the new duo won’t allow Marc to lone wolf his way out of this scenario. It’s just Layla and Steven now.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Layla El-Faouly (May Calamwy)

I’m Here; You’re Not Alone

Raiding Harrow’s abandoned dig site above ground, Layla and Steven gather any supplies they can find. They’ll have to find another way to Ammit’s ushabti within the tomb before Harrow and his crew can.

Marc makes another plea for Steven to relinquish the body. Steven argues if Marc had already been in these types of situations, then he has too—it’s the same body. He can unlock it with muscle memory or something. Marc reminds him that Steven isn’t alone; he’s here if he needs him. Steven shuts him down and acknowledges he’s not alone; he has Layla. Frustrated, Marc presses if Steven is in love with his wife as Steven walks away from Marc’s reflection.

Securing their rappelling gear on, Steven tells Layla he’s been waiting for this moment his entire life. He’s been dreaming of such a grand adventure. Layla smiles and acknowledges the sentiment of wanting what they’ve never had. 

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamwy) and Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Sharing an intimate moment, just as Layla's about to kiss him, Steven hastily admits that Marc only left and pushed her away to protect her from Khonshu, who had targeted her as his next avatar. Steven feels that she deserved to know that; to which Layla replies, she doesn’t need protection, just honesty, but that’s more of a Steven-thing than a Marc-thing. Rekindling the intimacy, Steven moves in for a kiss this time.

Layla rappels down into the pit, entering the tomb first. As Steven watches overcome with adoration, Marc takes momentary control of his hands and clocks Steven in the face, knocking him into the pit. As Steven takes in the wonder and awe of their adventure, which now involves a pair of marbled sphinxes guarding the entrance, Layla can’t help but be amused and charmed by him. 

A Dream Worth Dying For

Steven notices Layla’s tribute to her late father – his initials in sand at the entrance. She shares that her father was an archaeologist on a mission, who died chasing his dream. Steven reassures her that her father would be positively beaming to find his daughter out here proving the existence of Egyptian deities. 

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamwy) and Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Debating which of the six paths, each heading in different directions, to pursue among the maze, Steven deduces there’s no structural reasons for each route. Suddenly, Steven ponders if the paths reflect the Eye of Horus, the royal symbol of protection in the Afterlife. Astonished, Layla and Steven realize Ammit’s final avatar was a pharaoh. The six paths represent six points and the six senses. Using the Eye of Horus as a map to navigate the maze, and with the avatar being Ammit’s voice, they pursue the path that represents the tongue.

Steven and Layla discover a small room with a giant slab in the center. Noticing the mural artwork above them, Layla believes it depicted Heka priests, or sorcerers of their time, based on their masks and ceremonial stance; they would have been entombed in here to protect the pharaoh. Shining his flashlight, Steven realizes the giant slab is covered in fresh blood while Layla spots the bloody canopic jars and ancient tools. Seeing fresh blood smeared and bones littered across the floor of a corridor, Steven proposes they find another path out: the level overlooking the room. Steven climbs onto the platform. Surveilling the area, Steven finds more freshly filled canopic jars and snakeskin grafted onto a skeletal hand.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Steven and Layla are suddenly interrupted by loud clicking sounds. As they quietly hide, a Heka priest drags one of Harrow’s injured but alive disciples, Billy, onto the slab. Steven watches from above and Layla crouches on the other side of the table, the humanoid figure cuts into Billy and harvests his organs. As Layla tries to quietly round the corner of the slab, she accidentally knocks into one of the jars causing the Heka priest to still and pause its work. The Heka priest lunges on top of the slab, and then onto the platform. Mere moments of discovering and attacking Steven, Layla distracts the Heka priest by smashing a jar across the room. Steven tells Layla to run, and he’ll find her after. Stopping it from pursuing Layla, Steven pushes the alchemy lab over the platform’s edge believing he squished the assailant and rushes through the exit above.

Here Lies the Great Pharaoh  

Layla finds herself alone and separated from Steven in a dark collapsed chamber, wary if the Heka Priest is nearby. As she navigates the edge of the cavernous chamber, she hears the familiar clicking noise. Quickly and carefully, Layla makes her way across the chamber latching onto small crevices as she moves down the crumbling, narrow path along the wall.

Moon Knight - Heka Priest

Landing on a wider part of the ledge, a Heka Priest emerges from a deep crevice, pulling Layla into its darkness. Resisting, Layla is knocked on her back as the treacherous Heka Priest tries to pull her back into its crevice. The Heka Priest is unrelenting until Layla plunges a lit flare into its skull and pushes it over the ledge. Layla screams out in frustration as Harrow watches her from across the chamber.

Elsewhere, Steven finds himself in a tomb fit for a pharaoh where a golden sarcophagus lies in the center of the chamber surrounded by a pool of water. The room is adorned with prized possessions including a bronzed stallion. Could it belong to Nefertiti or Thutmose II? In the pool of water, Marc’s reflection tells Steven he was surprised by both Steven kissing Layla and that he told her the truth as to why Marc was pushing her away. Steven appreciates the acknowledgement, but he’s undeterred, and overwhelmed by the splendor, at hand. Astonished by the Macedonian scripture on the sarcophagus, Steven realizes it’s the long-lost tomb belonging to Alexander the Great! 

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

His Little Scarab

Harrow tells Layla that her father, one of Egypt’s more unique archeologists, would have been so proud of her if he knew she was among the first to confirm for the world what he had always believed—Egyptian gods walk among us

Looking upon his cane, Ammit’s gift to her previous avatar, Harrow shares that the scales achieve their judgement by revealing to him the moments of sin and pain of each person. He cautions that he read her husband’s scales and that the scales do not lie. Marc has been in more pain and agony than anyone can bear. Harrow confirms that Layla’s father was murdered by mercenaries, and remarks how no one knows who they were. Layla refuses to continue the conversation with Harrow’s inference that Marc was one of the mercenaries who had anything to do with her father’s death. Before she exits, Harrow offers one additional detail. Marc remembers everything that happened that day, everyone who died, but one man stands out: a man with a fuchsia scarf with scarab designs, handmade by his daughter. Harrow hopes she’s able to find closure, telling the devastated and betrayed Layla to wake up. 

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Back in Alexander the Great’s burial chamber, Steven opens the golden sarcophagus. If Alexander was the voice of Ammit, then Ammit’s ushabti would have been concealed in Mr. Great’s throat away from the average looters’ discovery. Removing the bandages, Steven searches behind the mummy’s throat. As he pulls his arm free of Alexander’s mummified remains, Steven discovers the prized ushabti of Ammit! Layla enters and Steven cannot contain his excitement as he shows the small statue to her. Still shaken and furious, Layla demands to speak to Marc in this moment.

Marc takes over the body as Layla demands to know the truth about her father. Marc pleads that this is not the time and place; they have to leave before Harrow reaches them. She wants to know if Marc killed Abdullah El-Faouly. Realizing he needs to resolve this, Marc meekly replies, “Of course, I didn’t,” with pangs of remorse and shame. But he was there. He tells Layla his partner got greedy and executed everyone at the dig site; Marc wasn’t able to save her father. His partner shot him as well, and he would have died that night like her father, if he hadn’t made a deal with Khonshu. Incredulous, Layla realizes this was the reason they met; Marc just had a guilty conscience. 

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamwy) and Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

Harrow and his disciples enter the chamber. Armed with rifles, they find only Marc as Layla hides. Harrow tells Marc he remembers the silence—the first morning without Khonshu in his head. The quiet was liberating. Now that he’s a free man, he has an important decision to make. Making one final stand, Marc kills two of Harrow’s men. Disappointed, Harrow shoots Marc in the heart as Layla witnesses the horror. As Marc stumbles back, Harrow fires a second shot at Marc’s heart; he can’t save anyone who doesn’t save themselves. Marc’s lifeless body lies in a pool of water in the chamber.

No Tree Can Ascend to the Light of Heaven if It Doesn’t Descend to the Depths of Hell

Two adventurers navigate a swamp-like jungle. The young ward Russell, exhausted from the heat and journey, rests alongside a rock and accidentally dispatches a trap releasing a skeleton from above. The older explorer gently reminds Russell the bones can’t hurt them. With compass in hand, the adventurers continue through the jungle coming across a statue of the lunar god of the Aztecs. Russell suddenly realizes whose company he’s keeping — Dr. Steven Grant.

Moon Knight - Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

The adventure is a movie playing on a television monitor at Putnam Psychiatric Ward. Marc awakens, with limited access to his motor skills, taking in his surroundings. Harrow’s disciples are staff members at this hospital with him among the patients, such as Crawley, Donna and Layla. The barely lucid Marc looks out at his reflection in the window whispering, “Steven?,” as he holds on to his Moon Knight action figure. His reflection doesn’t respond, upsetting Marc, as he stumbles out of his wheelchair. 

Marc is suddenly in Dr. Arthur Harrow’s office; he’s dazed as Harrow acknowledges that Marc has had great difficulty differentiating between what’s real and what’s in his head. Harrow tells Marc he borrowed his VHS film, Tomb Buster with its star adventurer Dr. Steven Grant. Amused, Harrow states he’s a fan of the villain in the film, and comments on the lunar god featured before questioning Marc’s prior statement of working for one. What do you make of the similarity? Is that a coincidence?

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

I Can’t Help You If You Don’t Help Yourself 

Marc mutters that he thinks someone drugged him. Harrow reminds him that he’s sedated due to his own behavior. Taking in familiar objects like Harrow’s cane, a portrait of an Alpine village, and a statue of an alligator-like figure, Marc mumbles that it all reminds him of something. Suddenly, Marc remembers — you shot me. Distressed, Marc looks for a means of escape. Unfortunately, the effects of the sedative still haven’t worn off as he struggles to crawl across the office towards the door. Marc manages to leave but Billy and Bobbi apprehend him and pull him back into Harrow’s office. Resisting, he loosens the staff’s grips on him. 

Running down the hospital hall, Marc hides in a dark room. When the coast is clear, he realizes the room isn’t empty; there’s a sarcophagus with rattling coming from within it. Suddenly, someone from within pleads to let them out. Opening the sarcophagus, Marc finds a frantic Steven trapped within. Upon seeing each other, Marc and Steven hug each other with relief. However, they don’t understand how it’s possible that they’re both standing opposite of each other.

Upon Marc’s questioning, Steven states the last thing he remembers is Harrow shooting them, affirming that they’re not crazy. They’re both ready to escape from this place. As they slowly make their way down the hall, they spot a standing sarcophagus in another room rattling. They press forward. Suddenly, Marc and Steven are startled by another deity who emerges—Taweret

Moon Knight - Taweret

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