Miek, a native of Sakaar, fights alongside the Hulk, and fixates on the motto, "Never stop making them pay."


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An insectoid native of Sakaar, Miek is a fierce fighter who allies himself with Bruce Banner, AKA Hulk, and joins the warriors known as the Warbound. Though his violent appetites lead to destruction that makes its way to Earth.


The Unhiving

Miek, like the rest of his race of Sakaar Natives, is born in a hive overseen by his father. However, the Imperials claim that he had no right to reproduce and that the Emperor was in the process of reclaiming hive-land. Miek's father stands up to them, but is killed along with many of his brothers. Miek survives, now unhived, but is soon found and enslaved. He manages to escape at one point, but is recaptured.


Bugging Out

Miek enters the world early and is not as physically developed as his siblings. However, given his early trauma, he learns to survive. He is eventually sold into gladiatorial work where he learns to fight with all four of his arms. He also begins to almost obsessively thirst for vengeance. Later, when he finds more of his people, he evolves to become a giant and a much more powerful version of himself. He is now far stronger and boasts a harder shell around himself that also hides wings. Miek can also communicate with other beings mentally, which he calls chemming.


Bound by Honor

Suffering years of abuse and hardship, Miek develops an understandable hatred of the Imperials. He is thrown together with other fighters who become loyal companions, bonded under a Warbound oath, uniting forever in life and death. The Warbound includes the Hulk, Korg, No-Name the Brood, Elloe Kaifi, Hiroim, and Lavin Skee. They all fight together and eventually topple Angmo-Asan, AKA Red King. However, Miek does not like how the Hulk—or Green Scar as he becomes known—relaxes after the victory. To fuel his fellow monster, Miek consciously decides to blow up the ship that brought Hulk to Sakaar, even if it means killing all of his hivelings. Miek pushes Hulk to attack Earth, which he does, but eventually reveals the truth, which nearly costs him his life.


A Bug's Life

Upon being recaptured by the Imperials, Miek was sold along with Green Scar and the rest of their slave lot and thrown into the gladiatorial arena where they fought the Great Devil Corker. Afterwards, Miek tried to jump in to defend Hulk against the Red King, but was saved by his new compatriot. After a few more trials, Miek, Hulk and their group had to fight two other squads. After the deaths of many, only seven remained, but the fight was called off and a new squad was formed including Miek, Hulk, Korg, Hiroim, Elloe, Brood and Lavin Skee. 

This new group faced Korg's fellow Kronans, Wildebots and Deaths Head guards before Hiroim decided to make them Warbound to the dead Lavin Skee. Shortly after, they fought Norrin Radd, AKA Silver Surfer, who had been hit with an obedience disc and was greatly weakened. Hulk managed to break his disc and then the Surfer used his own powers to destroy all of the obedience discs in the area, allowing Miek and the others to break free. 

Early on in their trek away from the arena, the Sakaar native got the briefest of looks at Bruce Banner, but he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. During their journey, they came across the man who killed Miek's family, Lt. Charr. Though Hulk tried to curb the insectoid's bloodlust, it became impossible when they uncovered a hive being held underground by the same man. Miek lost one of his arms fighting his family's killer. 

Re-hived, Miek could not get past his hatred of the Imperials. With younglings to protect, he transformed into a much larger version of himself. He used this new bulk to mix it up with the Hulk who wanted peace, while Miek craved more vengeance. Hulk came close to seriously injuring his friend, but Korg took one of the hardest blows. Later, while the others dealt with the Spikes, Miek and some of the younglings found their last queen who had been held captive so they could eat her eggs. Her eventual death did nothing to quell his rage.

Miek later used his chem abilities to make peace with the Spikes who then supported their rebellion against the Red King. During the final fight, the Jade Giant commanded Miek to use those same powers to make the villain understand why everyone wanted him dead so badly. After Hulk became the new leader, Miek began a relationship with Brood and went after Imperialists with Elloe. He and Brood also stumbled upon the ship that had brought Hulk to Sakaar, planting a seed of an idea in the native's mind.

Hulk wanted to make Sakaar a better place, so he told Miek and Elloe to make a lasting peace with the Spikes. However, Miek saw this time of rebuilding as the Green Scar going soft, so he wanted to push him to make the Earthlings pay. To that end, he rigged the Hulk's ship to explode not long after they succeeded in getting the Spikes off the planet. The ensuing explosion devastated Sakaar and took the life of Hulk’s queen, Caiera. Miek and Elloe flew down, gathered the others and set a course for Earth.

Miek never stopped pushing the Green Scar to fight harder against those who wronged him. When Hulk was turned back into Bruce after fighting Robert Reynolds, AKA Sentry, Miek was so enraged by this puny human that he attacked, accidentally spearing Rick Jones. Banner Hulked back out and nearly killed Miek, but Korg and the others stopped him. At that point, Miek explained why he blew his own world up and was beaten nearly to death by Hulk. 

Miek was sent to the Negative Zone prison. While being held there, he told S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Kate Waynesboro about the Warbound members. There, he came to realize that his body had changed so that he could lay eggs, but they would not fully develop. Much later, during Mikaboshi's Chaos War, Miek and many others broke out of the Negative Zone prison only to mix it up with Amadeus Cho, AKA Brawn. Eventually, he made his way to the Savage Land and the Village of the New Imperia where many of the other Sakaaran survivors lived. Once there, he found that his larvae had a taste for the Imperial flesh, but they still perished.

When the Hulk and his crew showed up in the Savage Land, Miek unleashed his mind control chemicals and took over the Hulk. Miek also used him to incubate more children. When Hulk regained himself, he was going to smash the babies, but Skaar stopped him. After yet another fight, Miek wound up dangling off a cliff with Hulk holding on, but the Sakaaran apparently fell to his death as the mountain above fell down towards them.


Hiveling: 4'5'', King: 6'7''


Hiveling: 130 lbs., King: 650 lbs.




Hiveling: Red, King: Solid yellow (no visible pupil)



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