Published July 19, 2023

All the Symbiotes of the Venomverse (So Far)

Meet all the Venom variants introduced in 'Extreme Venomverse,' including Life-Model Venom, Madame Brock, Venom Noir, Necroko, and so many more.

As the SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES rolls on, Venom has welcomed a few new members into his Multiversal symbiote family thanks to EXTREME VENOMVERSE (2023). To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Venom, EXTREME VENOMVERSE has introduced symbiote anti-heroes and lethal protectors from every corner of the Multiverse. Then, later this year, these alternate reality symbiotes will converge in DEATH OF VENOMVERSE, as Carnage variants hunt them down across the Multiverse.

Now, we're taking a closer look at every new Venom variant that appeared in EXTREME VENOMVERSE. Let's revisit how these alternate reality symbiotes fit into the Multiverse. 


After Peter Parker finally freed himself from the Venom symbiote, he returned to his web-slinging duties as Spider-Man, while the symbiote found a new host in Eddie Brock. But in a world where Parker died separating himself from the symbiote, the alien inherited Peter's sense of duty and merged with Brock to become a new Spider-Man. 

Driven by guilt over their past actions and a desire to save everyone, Brock and the symbiote took over as Spider-Man and battled Doctor Octopus in a story by Ryan North, Paulo Siqueira, JP Mayer, and Federico Blee in EXTREME VENOMVERSE #1.


In the Marvel Universe, Eddie Brock, Anne Weying, and their son Dylan have all bonded with the Venom symbiote at one time or another. But in EXTREME VENOMVERSE #1, all three became bonded to an aggressive, taunting Venom symbiote at the same time in a story by Mirka Andolfo, Nico Leon, and Erick Arciniega

When Dylan's symbiote powers emerged uncontrollably, he ran away from home and met a girl named Lia. After Venom took control of Dylan and threatened Lia, Eddie and Anne rescued her and tried to stop their son. Once Anne made peace with her history with the symbiote, she and Dylan embraced, and the Brock family vowed to help Dylan control the symbiote.


After finding a sword encased in the Venom symbiote, Takemoto Tatsuya bonded with the alien to become Samurai Venom in an EXTREME VENOMVERSE #1 story by Leonardo Romero, Roberto Poggi, and Ruth Redmond. In a dystopian world controlled by corporations like Oscorp, Tatsuya struggled to control his symbiote and viewed it as a monster. 

While he helped transport a group of villains to safer territory, Tatsuya's train was attacked by Scorpion and the Vulture. By briefly unleashing Venom's power, Tatsuya defeated Oscorp's enforcers and helped the civilians escape. In hopes of learning how to better control his symbiote, Tatsuya joined Anne Weying's Agent Venom, who asked him to help the Venom variants of the Multiverse.


When Spider-Man originally bonded with the symbiote, the Black Cat was one of his closest allies. But in an EXTREME VENOMVERSE #2 story by Al Ewing, Vincenzo Carratù, and Federico Blee, Felicia Hardy formed an even tighter bond with the symbiote.

When this world's Spider-Man turned to the Fantastic Four for help removing the symbiote, the Black Cat broke into the FF's headquarters in the Baxter Building and freed Venom. After bonding with the symbiote, Black Cat scuffled with Spider-Man and the FF. However, Mister Fantastic quickly realized Felicia and the symbiote had formed a strong, mutually beneficial bond and that Spider-Man's emotional state caused his problems with the symbiote.


In a world where Cletus Kasady killed his cellmate Eddie Brock, Venom became a Life-Model Venom cyborg in an EXTREME VENOMVERSE #2 story by David Pepose, Ken Lashley, and Ceci De La Cruz. After Brock's death, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Life Foundation created a Life-Model Decoy modeled after Eddie to bait the symbiote in an attempt to control it. 

When the symbiote bonded to the cyborg, Life-Model Venom disengaged the cyborg's safeguards and used its weapons against the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. During the ensuing battle, a Carnage variant appeared and tried to kill LMV. After a brutal fight, LMV defeated Carnage and was approached by Weying's Agent Venom about joining their Multiversal fight.

VENOM 1602

In the world of 1602, a time-traveling Captain America caused historical variants of Marvel heroes to emerge in the distant past. And in EXTREME VENOMVERSE #2, a court jester called Hieronymus Skelton served as that era's Venom in a story by Clay McLeod Chapman, Paul Davidson, and Alex Guimarães. 

As an illness called the Red Death ravaged the kingdom around them, Venom entertained Prince Ionello and his guests in the relative safety of his castle. While Venom used his powers to do party tricks, a Carnage variant interrupted the festivities and attacked Venom. After revealing himself as the real Red Death, Carnage killed Venom and the other partygoers with his symbiote tendrils.


On a prehistoric Earth where humanity was still emerging from their caves, Dilann Brokk merged with the Venom symbiote to become Black Fang in a EXTREME VENOMVERSE #3 story by Jed MacKay, Daniel Earls, and Alex Guimarães. Shortly after the symbiote landed on Earth and bonded with Dilann, a small group of Kree soldiers captured the rest of Brokk's tribe. As Black Fang, Dilann defeated the Kree with some help from Weying's Agent Venom and freed her tribe. When Black Fang's tribe dismissed her as an outcast, Weying recruited her to join her growing army of Multiversal symbiotes.


In a reality inspired by the Old West, the gun-slinging Spider-Man variant Web-Slinger fights for justice with his trusty steed Widow. And in EXTREME VENOMVERSE #3, Web-Slinger met his world's Venom, a symbiote-wielding fortune teller named Madame Brock, in a story by Taran Killam and Rod Reis

After helping a woman in distress, Web-Slinger collapsed from thirst and was taken to a nearby saloon by Ed Brock. When he recovered, Edna Brock introduced herself to "Parker Ponderosa," and the pair took on a torch-wielding gang. After sending Web-Slinger on his way, Madame Brock encountered Weying's Agent Venom and revealed she knew that she was there to recruit her.


During his time with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Flash Thompson's Venom encountered a symbiote group known as the Agents of the Cosmos, who tried to serve as noble, peacekeeping warriors across the galaxy. In EXTREME VENOMVERSE #3, Venom: Space Knight returned to duty in a story by Clay McLeod Chapman, Nelson Daniel, and Antonio Fabela

After finding an extra-terrestrial organ-harvesting operation run by Lord Titus, this heroic Venom variant fought the cosmic tyrant, only to get jettisoned into space. When Venom crashed onto a nearby planet, Weying's Agent Venom approached him about joining her Multiversal team to fight Carnage.


When a drop of the Venom symbiote fell onto a flower in the middle of an idyllic forest, the vicious Venom Bloom was born in Peach Momoko's EXTREME VENOMVERSE #4 story. After taking root in the flower, the Venom Bloom ate a nearby fairy, which transformed it into an inky black humanoid form covered in flower petals. 

The Venom Bloom consumed the rest of the forest that surrounded it, killing all of its fairy residents in the process. The Venom Bloom then went into the sky and drifted over a city, where its black ooze rained down and turned its residents into symbiote monsters.


In the hard-boiled world of Spider-Man Noir, Father Eddie Brock bonded with a Venom symbiote that turned him into a violent killer called the Sin-Eater. After bonding with the symbiote in an EXTREME VENOMVERSE #4 story by DJ Bryant, Alvaro Lopez, and Alex Guimarães, Sin-Eater visited John Deward, a mobster who was trying to collect on Brock's gambling debts. 

Sporting a symbiotized version of his vestments, the Sin-Eater killed Deward, ate half of his body, and scrawled the word "Sinner" on his chest in blood. When Emil Gregg confessed he had been hearing voices and believed himself to be the Sin-Eater, Brock gave him a small piece of the symbiote and allowed him to take the blame for Sin-Eater's crimes.


When a young student named Ellie Ellison put on what she thought was a magic hair bow, she bonded with her world's Venom symbiote to become Necroko. In this EXTREME VENOMVERSE #4 story by Alyssa Wong and Ken Niimura, Ellie suited up as Necroko—a self-proclaimed warrior of justice—through a magical girl transformation that saw her hair bow turn into a wand and the symbiote's tongue become her "Pretty Whip of Justice."

Necroko saved her crush, Parker Piper, from a group of Lizard-esque monsters attacking the school. After letting her symbiote eat the monsters, Ellie began making plans to bring Parker, who had just been bitten by a spider, into her magical girl squad.


Since debuting in WEST COAST AVENGERS (2018) #7 by Kelly Thompson and Daniele Di Nicuolo, Jeff the Land Shark has chewed his way into the hearts of Marvel's heroes. Although Jeff was created by a version of M.O.D.O.K., he was adopted by Gwenpool and ended up living with her friend Kate Bishop

In an EXTREME VENOMVERSE #5 story by Thompson and Gurihiru, a symbiote bonded with Jeff and briefly turned him into a massive creature. After playing with the symbiote land shark in a park, Kate took Jeff to a concert, where the noise harmlessly separated Jeff from the symbiote.


Ed Brock was a young baseball fan who watched a meteor strike a tree in an EXTREME VENOMVERSE #5 story by Jordan Blum, Brian Crosby, Scott Hanna, and Chris Sotomayor. When Ed made a baseball bat from the tree, he bonded with the Venom symbiote to become Major League Venom

After he grew up and became a sports reporter, Ed looked into the death of his cousin Richard, who worked as a groundskeeper at a ballpark. Following a tip about professional ballplayers using steroids, Ed discovered they were juicing with parasitic symbiotes that drew power from Richard's life force. In revenge, he set the symbiote ballplayers ablaze, after which he was recruited by Weying for her Multiversal quest.


In SPIDER-MAN: SPIDER'S SHADOW (2021), the Venom symbiote bonded with Spider-Man and killed several of his villains. This world's symbiote ultimately killed Reed Richards, and Peter Parker took his place in the Fantastic Four. But in an EXTREME VENOMVERSE #5 story by Jason Loo, Gavin Guidry, and KJ Diaz, that Venom symbiote found a new host in Wilson Fisk

To heal his injuries from fighting Spider-Man and get his revenge, Fisk recovered a symbiote sample and bonded with it to become King-Pain. Although King-Pain cornered Peter at an event and almost suffocated him in the palm of his hand, a Carnage variant snuck up behind him, stabbed him in the back, and decapitated him as part of its Multiversal quest to kill Venom symbiotes.


In the world of Neo-New York, an army of building-sized symbiote kaiju launched an attack on Earth that lasted decades, leaving piloted Mobile Walker mechas to stand as humanity's last line of defense. In an EXTREME VENOMVERSE #5 story by Cody Ziglar, Jim Towe, and Dee Cunniffe, the grizzled Flash Thompson took his Mobile Walker V.E.N.O.M. mecha into battle with the beasts for a final showdown. 

Under the command of Mayday Parker, Thompson fought two giant kaiju by using all of his mech's blasters and energy swords in a building-smashing battle. Although Brock completely drained his armor, he avenged the late Peter Parker by taking out the symbiotes and saving their city.

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