Published October 30, 2020

Marvel Exes Who Are Still Friends

Or "friendly." See who makes it work on Marvel Unlimited.

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Comic book romance 101: “It’s complicated.”

STAR-LORD (2015) #6

In honor of National Text Your Ex Day, Marvel Unlimited applauds the emotional maturity of these (former) Super Hero couples!

While the right partner can improve your life in every sense, it is sometimes necessary to part ways for the better. But even though a relationship has to end, the love can remain. 

As far as the superhuman community goes, the pool is small. That means Marvel exes have ample opportunities for run-ins—sometimes tense, sometimes awkward, and sometimes… really, really nice.

A “It's good to see you” moment from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2015) #19.
Black Cat/Spider-Man

These two are trapped in an ongoing game of Cat and Spider, and neither want it to end.

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While getting their kicks in as two of New York City’s premiere animal-themed vigilantes, (again, small circle), Spider-Man and Black Cat sought out even more thrills in each other’s beds… but the romance couldn’t last.

Earnest Peter Parker refused to look past Felicia Hardy’s fast lifestyle and aptitude for danger—along with her unwillingness to be emotionally available. While she could admit feelings for her favorite Wall-Crawler, Peter knew that Felicia wasn’t interested in the man under the mask, only the fantasy in spandex. This should have been a blow to Peter’s ego, however he remained honest and upfront about his side of things, telling Felicia where things stood in SPIDER-MAN/BLACK CAT: EVIL THAT MEN DO (2002). This entire series is one big “conversation with an ex,” so fans of Spidey/Black Cat romance will want to read in full.

Spidey/Black Cat

The chemistry hasn’t cooled between these luck-struck loves. But where Spider-Man is tasked with responsibility, burglarizing Black Cat is a criminal for the fun of it—and she will never apologize for keeping Peter on his toes. Read one of their recent alliances in BLACK CAT ANNUAL (2019) #1, AKA “the wedding issue.”

Spider-Man/Black Cat

Black Cat is like luck itself—you never know which side she’ll land.


Black Panther/Storm
BLACK PANTHER (2016) #15

One is a mutant queen revered as a goddess. The other is a proud ruler of Wakanda, empowered by the god-linked legacy of the Black Panther.

“Power couple” is an understatement when it comes to Ororo Munroe and King T’Challa. Respect is the defining trait in this ex-relationship, one of the most fully realized loves on our list. Even though it’s very clear that the romance hasn’t died, their obligation as leaders often drives them apart.

Married in a lavish ceremony in BLACK PANTHER (2005) #18, Storm and Black Panther’s royal union weathered the ups and downs of CIVIL WAR and the re-emergence of the Phoenix Force, two stressors too much for any marriage. Since then, Ororo and T’Challa have remained in each other’s lives romantically and platonically, both in BLACK PANTHER (2016) and BLACK PANTHER AND THE CREW (2017). Although, MARAUDERS #13 may be a definitive break.

Black Panther/Storm
Follow X OF SWORDS to see what Ororo stole from Wakanda!

Back on the island of Krakoa, Ororo has two exes to deal with.

She and Wolverine are on great terms, having had a fulfilling relationship in 2011 and 2014’s WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN. At the tail end of Logan’s life, the two parted as friends, but this odd couple had potential.


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As for Forge? Storm had a passionate fling with the technomancer and weapons specialist many years ago. Forge’s attitude about Storm’s (questionable) work-life balance caused the break-up, but at least they’ll always have that trip to a demonic entity’s parallel dimension.

STORM (2014) #3
Black Widow/Daredevil
BLACK WIDOW (2014) #7

Somewhat-reformed assassin and super-spy Black Widow is an ideal ex—Natasha Romanoff knows how to make an exit. However, after months of blissful catastrophe while living together in San Francisco, Widow made a not-so clean cut from then-boyfriend Matt Murdock in DAREDEVIL (1964) #117, officially throwing in the towel with issue #124.

Black Widow/Daredevil

While their relationship teetered on the emotional edge for years, Black Widow and Daredevil remain fierce allies and friends. After all, the Man Without Fear is a great ex too—by listening to a heartbeat, Daredevil can detect lies, agitation, and even attraction. A useful skill when having a conversation with someone as slippery as Nat.

Black Widow/Daredevil
Black Widow/Winter Soldier

“Friendly” exes if not full-blown friends.


OK, just “friendly.”

Rictor, AKA Julio Richter, is an earthquake-inducing mutant who can control seismic activity.

Shatterstar, AKA Gaveedra-Seven, AKA Benjamin Russell, is a genetically modified arena gladiator from Mojoworld with a healing factor, extrasensory perception, and an uncanny talent to open portals between dimensions.

After a longstanding friendship stretching back to X-FORCE (1991), Rictor and Shatterstar took their relationship to the next level while members of Multiple Man’s mutant detective agency, sealing it with a kiss in X-FACTOR (2005) #45.

For a while Ric and ‘Star were on great terms as a couple, but Shatterstar’s waning affections caused a rift. Unfortunately, it’s taken a while for these colleagues-in-arms to reach a healthy place in their ex-dom, as evidenced in SHATTERSTAR (2018). Rictor struggled with feelings of rejection and inadequacy, but he still didn’t miss a beat to help Shatterstar track down the abducted tenants of an interdimensional hostel.


Friends who kiss in MOCKINGBIRD (2016) #4.

This duo excels at nebulous emotional territory.

For Avengers Hawkeye and Mockingbird, romance is best described as an adrenaline ride where one or both partners are kicking and/or kissing. Since meeting on the pages of HAWKEYE (1983), Clint Barton and Bobbi Morse shared an undeniable spark, having a whirlwind wedding after taking down the mercenary Crossfire.

The honeymoon begins in HAWKEYE (1983) #4.

Heading to California as founding members of the WEST COAST AVENGERS, Mockingbird and Hawkeye’s disaster-prone marriage hit a snag after Clint accused Bobbi of murdering the Phantom Rider. While we don’t blame Bobbi for her justified rage (compounded by Clint being an insensitive jerk), her actions proved to be a final straw for Hawkeye, and the couple failed to reconcile romantically.

Kind of. It hasn’t been all unpleasant since their marriage dissolved. Clint still plays an influential role in Bobbi’s life, even if that role is needing to be rescued. In solo series MOCKINGBIRD (2016), S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most versatile agent had a fated encounter with her ex, and, per usual, Clint needed a little help from a friend.


See? Friends.

For even more of their on/off hijinks read HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD (2010), or grab Clint's current relationship status in HAWKEYE: FREEFALL.


Ms. Marvel/Bruno

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Although Kamala Khan and classmate Bruno were never “official” official, they make our list for being great communicators!

Years of cautious flirting (and a “What Are We” talk) culminated in a kiss, but Kamala felt more confusion than fireworks when exploring her feelings for a friend. Juggling a career as a full time Inhuman hero didn’t help either, on top of family matters and school.

In MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL (2019) #15, Kamala and Bruno break the ice in an important way, staying true to themselves while admitting that outside factors, like the near death of Kamala’s dad, put a strain on “whatever it is between them.”

We still have hope.

Ms. Marvel/Bruno
Kitty Pryde/Star-Lord
STAR-LORD (2015) #6

Long distance meant intergalactic for X-Woman Pryde and this Guardian of the Galaxy. First connected in cosmic crossover “The Trial of Jean Grey,” Star-Lord was so smitten with Kitty’s bravery and brains, that he felt compelled to pop the question in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY & X-MEN: THE BLACK VORTEX OMEGA (2015) #1. While the engagement didn’t get to the point of a “Save the Date,” Kitty was committed enough to take up Star-Lord’s mantle when her fiancée was preoccupied as Emperor of the Spartax.

Whether it was the video chats across light years, or Star-Lord’s packed schedule, Kitty and Quill couldn’t make it work. But at least they tried.

Kitty Pryde/Star-Lord
STAR-LORD (2015) #6

The “Peter” that first comes to mind when speaking of Kitty Pryde romance, Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus, was Kitty’s first love. Colossus still mustered concern for his ex-fiancée, even after Kitty mentally and physically ghosted him at their wedding in X-MEN: GOLD #30. Just six issues after this phase-out, Kitty called Piotr “just to hear his voice,” admitting that while she may have been the one to bail, her feelings remain unchanged.

Kitty Pryde/Colossus

Since touching down on Krakoa, Kate and Piotr haven’t had much face-to-face. Sometimes the healthiest ex-relationship is the one you avoid.


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