Published October 18, 2021

New Infinity Comics This Week

X-Men! Ghost Rider! Jeff! Take a look at the digital-exclusive stories hitting Marvel Unlimited!

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Hitting the Marvel Unlimited app this week: Three all-new vertically-scrolling issues from the Infinity Comics lineup, stories designed exclusively for phone and tablet as told by Marvel’s top creators!

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Enjoy new issues from Marvel Unlimited-exclusives X-MEN UNLIMITED, GHOST RIDER: KUSHALA, and fan-favorite IT’S JEFF rounding out the week this Friday!

Infinity Comics Calendar

Read up on each new Infinity issue below, and stay posted to @MarvelUnlimited on Twitter and Facebook for more breaking announcements.


Part 4 of the “X-Men: Green” arc! Continue this weekly X-Men anthology series with the next phase in Nature Girl’s evolution. Plus, what is Sauron doing in this story!?

X-scribe Gerry Duggan teams with artists Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg for this unexpected arc that kicked off in issue #5When tragedy washes up on the shores of Krakoa, one X-Man decides to take matters into her own hands, going against the wishes of the Quiet Council and the laws of the young mutant nation. But with the planet on the line, she’s determined to do what it takes… no matter what the X-Men throw in her way.

X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #8 Preview
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #8 Preview
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #8 Preview


The third installment from Ghost Rider: Kushala’s cross generational journey to save the Multiverse! Taboo (of the Black Eyed Peas) and B. Earl join with artists Guillermo SannaVanesa Del Rey, and Jordie Bellaire for a wild ride through the past, present, and future—to tell the story of the one extraordinary family who must fight to save it all.

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This issue: Doctor Doom seeks the last Wand of Watoomb, and only Kushala’s descendant Olivia and the Spirit Rider know how to find it. Unfortunately, Doom is right on their heels. Fortunately, the Fist of Khonshu emerges...

Ghost Rider: Kushala #3 Preview
Ghost Rider: Kushala #3 Preview
Guest-starring Moon Knight!


"It's a Jeff-Wave"! Jeff the Land Shark tries to keep his cool. Enjoy the next serial adventure starring everyone’s favorite land-based bestie. By creators Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru!

It's Jeff Infinity Comic #9

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