Published October 25, 2021

‘Spine-Tingling’ Infinity Comics Hit Marvel Unlimited This Week

Spider-Man! Deadpool! Trick-or-Treaters! Get ready for a week of Halloween with these new exclusive stories.

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Hitting the Marvel Unlimited app this week: Seven all-new vertically-scrolling issues from the Infinity Comics lineup, stories designed exclusively for phone and tablet as told by Marvel’s top creators!

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Get set for chills and thrills from the series debut of SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN! Put on your costumes and grab those candy bags for MIGHTY MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL – HALLOWEEN WITH THE RHINO! Plus, new issues from X-MEN UNLIMITEDVENOM/CARNAGE, GHOST RIDER: KUSHALA, DEADPOOL: INVISIBLE TOUCH, and IT’S JEFF rounding out the week this Friday!

Calendar of New Infinity Comics This Week

Read up on each new Infinity issue below, and stay posted to @MarvelUnlimited on Twitter and Facebook for more breaking announcements.


X-scribe Gerry Duggan teams with artists Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg for this unexpected story arc that kicked off in issue #5

Curse and a newly-evolved Nature Girl fend off a mental attack waged by Black Mamba in Part 5 of "X-Men: Green.” With the planet on the line, Lin Li is determined to do what it takes… no matter what the X-Men throw in her way.

X-Men Unlimited Preview 1


Spider-Man is used to facing bad guys he can punch, but then a new villain gets in Spidey’s head and starts to squeeze... Who is the Sleep-Stealer and why is their song haunting Peter Parker’s waking dreams and nightmares?

Written by Eisner Award-winning comic writer, Saladin Ahmed with art by Juan Ferreyra, this creepy, vertically-scrolling saga will steal your sleep too. Listen to the series’ official theme song “Close Your Eyes” now, and stay tuned for new issues of the 8-part series available every other Tuesday.

Spider-Man crawls down a wall face first.
Spider-Man crawls down a wall face first towards a door.


Creators Karla Pacheco, Scott Hepburn, and Ian Herring, deliver this high-octane read starring the biggest, baddest symbiotes!

Series finale with all cards on the table! Carnage throws down his closing hand in an epic battle for the Las Vegas strip. Venom: Eddie Brock will never see what’s coming...

Carnage descends on Venom.
Carnage descends on Venom.


She’s the Sorcerer Supreme of the 1800s and a Ghost Rider-turned-Spirit Rider—the only one who’s managed to tame her spirit of vengeance. But when someone comes after Kushala and her ancestral line, all hell breaks loose. Taboo (of the Black Eyed Peas) and B. Earl join with artists Guillermo SannaVanesa Del Rey, and Jordie Bellaire for a wild ride through the past, present, and future of the Marvel Universe—and tell the story of the one extraordinary family who must fight to save it all!

This issue: In the jungles of ancient Peru, Olivia Obtera and her ancestor Kushala find a clue to stopping Doctor Doom—but it comes at a cost. Doom is seeking the last Wand of Watoomb, and only Olivia and Kushala know how to find it. Too bad Doom is right on their heels…

Read our interview with the series’ creators now!

Olivia Obtera seeks the Wand of Watoomb.


There's no reserve at his auction! Tony Stark and Reed Richard's inventions are up for grabs at a villains-only auction and... there's a lot of grabbing. When the hard drive with all the goodies gets spirited away, the Invisible Woman must (very very reluctantly) team-up with Deadpool to get it back.

But first... sandwiches at the Baxter Building! Deadpool goes with Sue to the Baxter Building for another much needed break and hangs out with the Fantastic Four. The Thing loses his cool.

Deadpool faces the consequences and loses a tooth.


New to MU! It’s time to celebrate Halloween in New York—and in a city full of heroes and villains, dressing up to trick-or-treat can bring more trouble than you might think… One of Spider-Man’s oldest foes, the Rhino, learns this the hard way.

Read this special holiday one-shot on the Marvel Unlimited app this Friday!

Rhino crashes a Halloween party.
Rhino crashes a Halloween party.


"Tummy Trouble"—Jeff the Land Shark goes to the doctor.

Jeff has a tummy ache.

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