Published March 24, 2023

Destiny & Mystique: Centuries of Romance

Revisit the greatest moments from Destiny and Mystique's centuries-long romance as Irene fights to get her wife back in 'Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants' #2.

Mystique and Destiny would do anything to save each other, even if they had to burn down the universe. Whether they’re working with or against the X-Men, the shapeshifting Raven Darkholme and precognitive Irene Adler have been relentlessly devoted to each other, and they have changed the course of history to stay together. From their earliest encounters to their distant futures, these two mutants have shown a dedication to each other that even transcends death, but their love helped doom the future of SINS OF SINISTER

In the SINS OF SINISTER timeline, Mister Sinister corrupted the minds of several mutant leaders, who took over the world and turned the mutant nation Krakoa into a ruthless cosmic empire. Now, we’re taking a closer look at Destiny and Mystique’s love across the centuries and how it doomed the future of the Marvel Universe in STORM AND THE BROTHERHOOD (2023) #2 by Al Ewing, Andrea Di Vito, Jim Charalampidis, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC's Ariana Maher.


Long before Destiny debuted as a modern day villain in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #141 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, she was born to a wealthy Austrian family in the 19th century. When her prophetic mutant powers activated, the teenage Irene Adler had overwhelming visions about the coming centuries. As her physical eyesight faded, she recorded these visions in a set of books that would eventually become known as Destiny’s Diaries. 

Similarly, Mystique was active in the Marvel Universe long before her modern day debut in MS. MARVEL (1977) #16 by Chris Claremont and Jim Mooney. While the early details of her life remain largely unknown, Mystique had a difficult childhood before she began working as a detective under the name Raven Darkhölme. 

When a nervous Destiny met Mystique around that time, she already knew that they would be lifelong partners and loves, as she recounted in IMMORTAL X-MEN (2022) #3 by Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck. Together, Mystique and Destiny dedicated themselves to doing what they could to prevent Destiny’s most apocalyptic visions from coming to pass.


By 1895, Mystique and Destiny had relocated to London, where the shapeshifter operated as consulting detective Sherlock Holmes with help from Irene's visions. While investigating a series of killings, Mystique and Destiny met geneticist Nathaniel Essex in IMMORTAL X-MEN (2022) #8 by Kieron Gillen and Michele Bandini. Although Essex appeared frail and sickly, Mystique and Destiny learned he was spending his nights rampaging around London in a crazed, super-strong form brought on by Apocalypse’s uncontrollable alterations to his genetics. 

Although Essex was ultimately institutionalized and killed, his warnings about the future of mutants and machines rang true for Destiny. She also discovered the lab where Essex created four clones of himself, including Mister Sinister, who she saw as playing a necessary role in mutantkind’s future and Krakoa’s development.


Despite Mystique and Destiny’s enduring devotion to each other, they went their separate ways for many years. While Mystique had the children who would grow up to be Nightcrawler and the mutant-hating Graydon Creed, Destiny worked at the Black Womb Project, where she conducted early research into mutant genetics and kept an eye on Mister Sinister. 

Eventually, Mystique came across the runaway mutant child Rogue, as detailed in X-MEN UNLIMITED (1993) #4 by Scott Lobdell and Richard Bennett. Sensing a kindred spirit in her, Mystique took her in and raised her with Destiny. The three had a relatively stable life for several years as Rogue matured and learned how to live with her powers. 

After Destiny had a vision of Carol Danvers ruining Rogue’s life, Mystique and Destiny reformed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The Brotherhood unsuccessfully attacked Danvers, who was then operating as Ms. Marvel, and Rogue semi-permanently absorbed the cosmic hero’s powers and memories. Although she briefly joined Mystique and Destiny’s criminal exploits, Rogue eventually turned to Charles Xavier and the X-Men for help dealing with the lingering trauma of absorbing Danvers’ psyche.


Alongside their Brotherhood team members Blob, Pyro, and Avalanche, Mystique and Destiny tried to assassinate the anti-mutant politician Robert Kelly in “Days of Future Past,” which took place across UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #141-142. But in this iconic story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Mystique and Destiny were stopped by a future timeline’s Kitty Pryde, who grew up in the dystopian world Kelly’s death would have created. 

Sensing increasing anti-mutant sentiment, Mystique eventually approached government operative Valerie Cooper about working for the government as the Brotherhood. After capturing Magneto, Mystique, Destiny, and their teammates received full pardons, and the Brotherhood morphed into the government-sponsored Freedom Force

As they enforced policies like the Mutant Registration Act, the group brought on several new members and regularly tangled with heroes like the X-Men and the Avengers. Around this time, Destiny also cryptically told Mystique that the nation Krakoa would be established after her death, and she asked her to resurrect her or destroy the island in X-MEN (2019) #6 by Jonathan Hickman and Matteo Buffagni.


While most of the world thought the X-Men were dead, Freedom Force was ordered to help Forge protect Muir Island and its inhabitants from the Reavers, a group of cybernetic mercenaries. During that mission in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #255 by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri, Destiny was killed by the ultra-powerful Legion, who was possessed by the malevolent Shadow King at the time. Thanks to her powers, Destiny knew the exact moment of her death and let it happen to save Mystique from a similar demise, while positioning Moira MacTaggert as one of Krakoa’s eventual founders. 

Although Destiny’s death devastated Mystique, her predictions continued to guide Raven from beyond the grave. Destiny even left Mystique with precise instructions about how to scatter her ashes in a story in X-FACTOR ANNUAL (1986) #6 by Peter David and Guang Yap. Years after Irene’s death, the X-Men and Mister Sinister made concerted efforts to recover Destiny’s Diaries, occasionally with help from Mystique.


As Xavier and Magneto started making plans for Krakoa, they recruited Mystique, who agreed to help them in exchange for bringing Destiny back through the Five's Krakoan resurrection process. However, since Moira had ordered Xavier and Magneto to keep Destiny dead due to a bitter rivalry they had in one of Moira’s previous lives, they had no plans to follow through. 

In addition to joining the Quiet Council that governed Krakoa, Mystique performed several covert operations for Xavier and Magneto in X-MEN (2019) #6 by Jonathan Hickman and Matteo Buffagni. However, when Xavier and Magneto refused Mystique's request again, she took matters into her own hands. 

As revealed in INFERNO (2021) #2 by Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli, Mystique posed as Xavier and Magneto to steal a Cerebro unit, collect Destiny’s genetic samples, and trick Hope Summers and the rest of the Five into resurrecting Destiny in a younger body. However, Destiny was overwhelmed by a cascade of visions from a world she no longer recognized. While spending weeks acclimating in seclusion, Destiny reconnected with Mystique, and the wives reaffirmed their commitment to each other and to saving mutantkind.  

When a seat opened up on the Quiet Council, Mystique bargained with several of the group’s other members to have Destiny elected, despite Magneto and Xavier’s best efforts to oppose her. With help from Emma Frost, Destiny and Mystique revealed Moira’s secret powers, her knowledge of potential timelines, and her involvement in creating Krakoa to the rest of the Quiet Council. Mystique and Destiny then attacked Moira, forcibly depowered her, and exiled her from Krakoa.


Shortly after Destiny joined the Quiet Council, she was overwhelmed by a series of visions and began recording them in a new set of prophetic diaries starting with IMMORTAL X-MEN (2022) #3 by Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck. Most alarmingly, Destiny was devastated when none of the probable futures she saw included her wife Mystique alive. 

However, that changed with the future of SINS OF SINISTER. In that timeline, Destiny saw a way for her and Mystique to survive together, even though that future allowed Mister Sinister to corrupt the Quiet Council, take over the world, and wage war against the universe.   

Immediately after Sinister inserted his genes into several mutant leaders during the resurrection process, Destiny and Mystique left the Quiet Council and took off for parts unknown. Destiny and Mystique lived together as Sinister’s empire grew around them, and they occasionally helped Sinister’s enemies—including Storm and Orbis Stellaris—when it suited their goals. But after a century of Sinister’s rule, Mystique died while trying to save a world from Sinister’s forces, despite Destiny’s warnings, in STORM AND THE BROTHERHOOD (2023) #2.

As Mystique reminded Destiny in their final moments together, the horrific future of SINS OF SINISTER only exists because of their undying devotion to each other. Their love has survived centuries of struggle, the destruction and creation of multiple timelines, and death itself. Ultimately, nothing in the universe can truly tear Destiny and Mystique apart.

See how far Destiny is willing to go to get Mystique back in STORM AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF MUTANTS (2023) #2, on sale now!

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