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Published September 11, 2020

This Week's 10 Must-Read Marvel Updates

Recap what's happening at the humble House of Ideas!

It's been another frantically fantastic week of news about all the fabulous forthcoming fun from across the mighty Marvel Multiverse! 

The Stark Industries Update landed in Fortnite, EMPYRE came to a captivating coda, Kelly Thompson stopped by This Week in Marvel, KING IN BLACK news hit the airwaves, we celebrated the great Jimmy Woo, and so much more! It was a titanic tornado of terrific updates, True Believer, and we've collected the finest of 'em right here, so read up on our roarin' roundup of this week's 10 must-read stories about everything Marvel!

Stark Industries Arrives in Fortnite

The Nexus War heats up with the latest update! READ MORE!

‘Empyre’ Epilogue: See the ‘Fallout’ and ‘Aftermath’ of Marvel’s Massive Cosmic Conflict

Find out what the future has in store for the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and Emperor Hulkling! READ MORE!

The Cat Came Back: 'Black Cat' #1 Hits Comics Shops This December

Felicia Hardy is getting in on the 'King in Black' action -- with a few familiar faces joining her! READ MORE!

Jimmy Woo

6 Reasons Jimmy Woo Is A Great Agent

He's also working on becoming a master of misdirection. READ MORE!

Kelly Thompson Goes Undercover with Black Widow

Get the inside scoop on Natasha Romanoff’s new life in Thompson’s new ‘Black Widow’ series! READ MORE!

'King in Black' Descends Upon the Marvel Universe This December

Learn more about the event’s exciting tie-ins and check out the cover for 'King in Black' #2! READ MORE!

The History of the Champions

Revisit the team's storied past before reading October 7's 'Champions' #1! READ MORE!

Didja Know... The History of Iron Man's Armor

Prepare for the launch of 'Iron Man' #1 with a look back at some fascinating Armored Avenger affairs! READ MORE!

Marvel Mission Recap: Marvel-Inspired Treats

Delicious, edible, and full of frosting! READ MORE!

New Ways For You to Play At Home with Marvel Games

Reassemble with the Avengers or battle in the Contest of Champions! READ MORE!

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ULTIMATE X-MEN (2024) #1 cover by Peach Momoko


March 6's New Marvel Comics: The Full List

Meet the mutants of the new Ultimate Universe, swing into the Spider-Men's new team-up series, and more in this week's comics!

SPIDER-PUNK: ARMS RACE (2024) #1 cover by Takashi Okazaki


February 28's New Marvel Comics: The Full List

Rock out with Spider-Punk, behold the end of 'Gang War,' celebrate the Women of Marvel, and more in this week's comics!

FANTASTIC FOUR #21 cover by Alex Ross


The Fantastic Four Race for a Cure, Cap Forms a Team of Avengers, & More in 'Blood Hunt' Tie-Ins

Discover the seven ongoing series tying into 'Blood Hunt' this May.

X-MEN #34 cover by Joshua Cassara


Experience the Penultimate Month of the X-Men's Revolutionary Krakoa Era

Benjamin Percy's 'Wolverine' run reaches its milestone 50th issue, mutantkind braces for the final battle against Orchis, and more as creators bid farewell to Krakoa.