The Ingredients

The Ingredients

1 pork shoulder

1 cup liquid-- we used water, but you could use stock, root beer, or any other edible liquid

kosher salt to taste

pre-cooked mashed potatoes

pre-cooked collard greens

barbeque sauce



Place the pork shoulder and the liquid in to the pressure cooker.  Lock on the lid, set to high pressure, and place it over a medium flame.


Once pressure has been reached, allow the pork to cook for one hour before quick-releasing the pressure.


Allow the pork to cool a bit before shredding with forks or gloved hands.  Season the pork with kosher salt.


Use a squirt bottle filled with the barbecue sauce to circle the perimeter of the plate.


Use a ring mold to in the center of the plate to construct a tower-- mashed potatoes on the bottom, followed by the collard greens and pork.


Remove the ring mold and marvel at the '90s presentation.

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