January 25’s New Marvel Comics: The Full List

'Sins of Sinister' rewrites the X-Men’s world, Arcade’s contestants take on Wolverine in a new ‘Murderworld’ one-shot, the finale of ‘X-Terminators,’ and more in this week's comics!


Ghost Rider: Highway to Hell

Creators Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith dish on all the details that go into making Johnny Blaze the premier horror hero in the Marvel Universe!


The Long Road to ‘Murderworld’

Writers Ray Fawkes and Jim Zub describe the near 20-year journey of their timely tribute to X-Men villain Arcade!


Ghost Rider and Wolverine Hitch a Ride to Hell in Benjamin Percy's Upcoming 'Weapons of Vengeance' Crossover

This summer, Benjamin Percy’s 'Wolverine' and 'Ghost Rider' runs collide for a deadly new epic.

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