Published January 6, 2021

What's Coming to Marvel Unlimited This Year

The stories you can look forward to reading in 2021.

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The 2021 forecast: Resurrections, a new Reign, and an entirely new frontier.

A new frontier of space in S.W.O.R.D. #1.
S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #1

Last year, Marvel Unlimited members were reading the X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Avengers in record numbers, enjoying blockbuster events like WAR OF THE REALMS and ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, and uncovering new favorites and classics from our library of over 28,000 comics!

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With MU titles now available as early as three months after they’re in stores, here are a handful of the upcoming arcs, events, and character-defining runs that are about to become new favorites. We’ve also offered up our prelude comic picks to get your digital long box set for a year of stories to come!

Here’s what’s coming soon.


The legend reborn in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (2020) #1.
The legend reborn in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (2020) #1.

Prelude Reading: Try the original '70s horror run starring teen-wolf Jack Russell.

Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas teams with co-writer Benjamin Jackendoff and artist Scot Eaton for this mythic tale of transformation, self-discovery, and a bad case of hirsutism. In the American Southwest, an all-new Werewolf by Night stalks a small community, the result of a family curse that has forever changed a young man.

Teen Jake wants to protect his people, but who will protect him from the monster within? Read more about this lycanthropic horror from the series creators.


The emergence of Kindred!

Prelude Reading: If you haven’t been keeping up with Spider-Man: Peter Parker’s current series, start with the “Sins Rising” arc, then dive in with issue #50.

This month, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN reaches another landmark in Spider-Style. To recap: Spider-Man just took the beating of his life. Artist Patrick Gleason returns on issue #50, ushering in the “Last Remains” arc that will see the malignant Kindred step out on the stage for the first time. Trust us: Spider-Man is not ready for the kind of havoc that’s about to be loosed.

Be sure to read the .LR tie-in issues for the full event!


Logan cuts a swath in Black, White, and Blood.

Prelude Reading: WOLVERINE: NETSUKE. A dreamy, stylized story starring Wolverine as an out-of-time warrior. Not an essential read, but fans of BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD might enjoy.

What’s black, white, and blood all over? Wolverine this February. Enjoy the mutant berserker at his most “raw and exposed” in “Black, White & Blood,” a series of black and white adventures starring Logan, “Weapon X,” and “Patch.” (Do expect pops of red.)

This anthology series of untold tales will be coming soon, featuring the talents of Chris Claremont, Joshua Cassara, Declan Shalvey, Matthew Rosenberg, Adam Kubert, and more!


The Arakkii gather in X OF SWORDS: STASIS #1.
The Arakkii gather in X OF SWORDS: STASIS #1.

Prelude Reading: If you’re not following along weekly with the X OF SWORDS event, start with the “Path To” here.

The midway point to X OF SWORDS, the “Stasis” one-shot is a prophetic chapter for the now-revealed champions of Krakoa. Omniversal Majestrix Opal Luna Saturnyne manages to confuse her combatants even more with personalized tarot readings, while the champions of Arakko are named.

A ritual. A parliament. A… dinner? Don’t miss this one.



Prelude Reading: The original MARVEL’S VOICES anthology!

Marvel celebrates Indigenous history in this landmark special, written and drawn by some of the industry’s most renowned Indigenous talent along with talents making their Marvel Comics debut! Celebrated writer and artist Jeffrey Veregge leads this book alongside a team of acclaimed creators to explore the legacy and experiences of Marvel’s Indigenous characters.

Read more about this special in Veregge’s own words here, and tune into the Marvel’s Voices podcast for more personal tales of fandom.

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The return of the Phoenix Force.
AVENGERS (2018) #38

Prelude Reading: The current AVENGERS run. The “Age of Khonshu” will wrap right before “Enter the Phoenix,” so don’t miss that storyline starring a fallen Moon Knight and a twisted god. AVENGERS #38-39 deals with the re-emergence (and new possession) of the Phoenix Force.

In the harsh, primordial world of One Million B.C.E., early humans who are different are left in the Burnt Place to die. But one young girl whose only crime was being born with red hair finds something else entirely in the place of bones and ash—something that will change human history forever…

Written by Jason Aaron with art by Dale Keown, this arc will follow the Avengers’ discovery of the return of a certain planet-burning cosmic firebird.

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REIGN OF X teaser image by Mahmud Asrar.
REIGN OF X teaser image by Mahmud Asrar.

Prelude Reading: HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X, and the entire DAWN OF X!

Writer Jonathan Hickman’s bold take on mutantkind began last year in the critically-acclaimed HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X and continued in the DAWN OF X, ushering in a slate of brand-new X-Men titles that took X-Fans by storm. Now, the saga continues after X OF SWORDS in REIGN OF X, a new era encompassing the upcoming story arcs in all your favorite X-titles. New teams, the return of major characters, new threats brought about by classic villains, and more game-changing revelations await. Check out the full REIGN OF X slate here, and see what issues will change the X-Men mythos forever.


Knull's invasion begins in KING IN BLACK #1.
KING IN BLACK (2020) #1

Prelude Reading: Try our “Road To” Reading List that offers key background stories, including Knull’s first appearance and (latest) reawakening. Also, read through VENOM (2018) since KING IN BLACK will thread through that series in issues #31-34.

This March, darkness reigns as the god of symbiotes begins his takeover of Earth! Eddie Brock and his son Dylan are familiar with the Lord of the Abyss, but now, Knull has strengthened his forces with a whole battalion of symbiote dragons! The King in Black’s death march to destroy all that is light threatens to be Venom’s final hour, as told by ABSOLUTE CARNAGE masterminds Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman.

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From Asgardian Valkryies, Gwenom, the Black Panther, and even cosmic newlyweds Hulkling and Wiccan, all of Earth’s heroes will need to find their inner steel to face Knull and his Klyntar army.

This event will run through June, so be on the lookout weekly for new issues and tie-ins to this symbiotic saga!


The reveal of The Peak in S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #1
S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #1

Prelude Reading: You’ll want to wrap the entire X OF SWORDS event before this one.

One giant leap for mutantkind!

In the startling aftermath to X OF SWORDS, Krakoa’s mutants take the bold next step in claiming their destiny by relaunching the Sentient World Observation & Response Directorate to deal with all things extraterrestrial on behalf of Earth.

The events of this series will have a tremendous impact not only on the X-Men’s world but the Marvel Universe as a whole, as the mutants of S.W.O.R.D. warp the cosmic landscape forever. The (inter)stellar cast includes Magneto, Abigail Brand, Cable, Frenzy, Wiz-Kid, Fabian Cortez, former Avenger Manifold, and more fan-favorite mutants who will take on the frontlines of space in a major way.


M.O.D.O.K. on the defensive in his first issue.
M.O.D.O.K.: HEAD GAMES (2020) #1

Prelude Reading: This madcap SECRET WARS series starring the domain of Killville’s very own Merc with a Maw. While not set on Earth-616, it is a head above the rest.

From Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum, showrunners of the upcoming animated Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. show on Hulu, comes a journey into the mind of one of the biggest brains in the Marvel Universe! M.O.D.O.K. is the ruthless and brilliant leader of the terrorist organization A.I.M., outsmarting heroes and outmaneuvering his cutthroat colleagues gunning for his position. But when he begins to be haunted by memories of a family he never had, it leaves M.O.D.O.K. unsure if he is losing his freakishly large mind, or if perhaps there is a lot more to these sinister visions from the past.


Ikaris reborn in ETERNALS (2021) #1.
ETERNALS (2021) #1

Prelude Reading: The Eternals’ utterly alien first volume by series creator Jack Kirby.

The Eternals, a race of cosmic god-like beings, are no strangers to death. From the thought-provoking minds of Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribić comes a new vision of classic Marvel lore. Ikaris, the last of the Eternals to die, assembles his Homo Immortalis kin to enter a new age of humankind. But when the Prime Eternal is murdered in cold blood, who will lead this new dawn?

Can’t wait another three months to read the Eternals’ fresh start? Pick up ETERNALS #1 in print or digital right now.


The armory of Avengers Mech Strike!
Cover to AVENGERS MECH STRIKE (2021) #1.

Prelude Reading: Really? None. This is an ideal entry point for new readers.

The Avengers gone Heavy Metal.

When Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come up against something that defies their usual methods, new tools are needed for the job: giant robot suits. Suiting up in high-tech individualized armor, the Avengers stand ready for one of their greatest battles yet in this series that promises to be all kinds of fun.

Get your first glimpse at these instantly iconic mech suits on artist Kei Zama’s cover, and stay tuned for the Avengers to “initiate” and “activate” this spring.


Cover to BLACK PANTHER (2018) #23.
Cover to BLACK PANTHER (2018) #23.

Prelude Reading: BLACK PANTHER (2018), “The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda.”

The highly-anticipated return of award-winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates’ unforgettable run on BLACK PANTHER is right around the corner. Featuring outstanding art by Daniel Acuña and Ryan Bodenheim, BLACK PANTHER #23 will continue to reveal Coates’ grand vision for King T'Challa and the Kingdom of Wakanda… on Earth or in space.

Coates’ landmark era has introduced exciting characters, redefined favorites such as Shuri, rekindled the King of Wakanda’s romance with Storm, and resurrected one of Black Panther’s greatest foes, Erik Killmonger. As for what comes next in Wakanda’s greatest expansion? Stay tuned this May.

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