Published September 26, 2019

'Marvel Contest of Champions': Summoner Showdown Recap: Week 9

Find out the ninth finalist going to New York Comic Con -- and the order of the Summoners!

Marvel Contest of Champions Week 9

Nine summoners have been chosen, but only one will be named the ultimate champion in the Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown! This week marked the final week of the nine-week gaming tournament, and three more players got their fight on at Marvel's New York City HQ on Wednesday, September 25. The winner of Week 9 was Lagacy, who beat Maestro in the fastest time -- four seconds faster than one of his fellow players! The entire match between Lagacy and his two competitors -- Atromix and Craftygrinding -- was broadcast during the weekly livestream. The final livestream will take place next week during New York Comic on Friday, October 4 at 11:45 AM ET -- you can see the action unfold on Marvel Live, which you can watch at!

This week's challenge: The Maestro's Mayhem! First played back in Week 2, this is a throwback challenge where the players can only use champions from the year of Maestro's debut (2014-2015) to make it out of a match with the fastest KO time. (In the event that all three players are KO'ed, the winner will be determined by who could bring Maestro's HP level down the lowest.) This challenge is meant to harken back to the Maestro boss battle from the end of Act 4, when all of his buffs were active. But now, flash forward to 2019 and Maestro has two additional buffs: Limber (10%) and Unblockable Special Attacks. Another ace up his sleeve: Heal Blocks, which prevent his challenger from recovering from damage for 10 seconds.

None of Week 2's three players left that fight alive! The winner, BigBlue807, was the player with the most damage done to the Maestro. But in Week 4, roastedbagel took the Hulk villain down in a KO!

Here's how Week 9's mayhem played out:

Week 9 players
From left to right: Atromix, Lagacy, and Craftygrinding

First up was Atromix, who went with Spider-Gwen, an excellent choice for evading Maestro's SP1 attack. Coming out strong, Atromix tried pushing Maestro to his SP2 to avoid even having to worry about his SP1. Maestro did some serious lashing, which Atromix was easily able to evade. Atromix was able to really make an impact with some swift attacks on Maestro, knocking his health level down into the 20 percent range... but not for long! After just 1:13, the Maestro was down, giving Atromix the KO -- only the second one in the whole Summoner Showdown!

Next up was Lagacy, who also went with Spider-Gwen against the massive Maestro. Lagacy took advantage of Spider-Gwen's Spidey-Sense and went on to push Maestro to his SP2, also avoiding his SP1, and then automatically evading the evil attack. After waiting for Maestro to throw his SP2, Lagacy waited out his own special to charge Spider-Gwen back up. Then he gave himself some time to get his own SP2 ready against Maestro... then after each player threw out their own specials, Lagacy wailed on Maestro, knocking his health down. Maestro's Enervate -- courtesy of Spider-Gwen's SP1 -- gave Spider-Gwen an opening to do even more damage, which led directly to the KO against Maestro in 1:09, beating Atromix by just four seconds!

Last player up was Craftgrinding, who wanted to win, so he went with a winner: Spider-Gwen! Craftygrinding was off to an aggressive start against Maestro, employing an intercept. He then pushed the baddie to his SP2, powering up Gwen's Spider-Sense, then doing even more damage as Maestro Enervated. But the streak didn't last long, and Craftgrinding ended up taking the KO after 52 seconds.

The winner: Lagacy!

Week 9 winner
The winner: Lagacy!

Now that all nine summoners have been decided, here is the order they will play at the final showdown at New York Comic Con on Friday, October 4:

Summoner Showdown play order

You can watch the whole Week 9 showdown right here:

Nine finalists -- chunkyb, BigBlue807, DTMelodicMetal, roastedbagel, PandamanPete, mvinceable, Ms.Insomnia, Yeet, and Lagacy -- will gather at New York Comic Con in October for the ultimate showdown, but only one will be named the ultimate champion! Tune in to Marvel Live on Friday, October 4 at 11:45 ET to see who will be named the victor! Visit to watch the action unfold in the Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown!

Week 9 grid



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