Published March 2, 2020

Meet the Students of Strange Academy

Get to know the next generation of magicians from Marvel’s Strange Academy!

There’s something strange brewing in the Marvel Universe, and it’s going to take a few young magicians to get to the bottom of it! Writer Skottie Young and artist Humberto Ramos are about to unleash STRANGE ACADEMY #1 on Wednesday, March 4, with a brand new cast of characters.

Doctor Strange, Doctor Voodoo, and an assortment of established wizards and witches will be keeping an eye on the magically inclined students at Strange Academy. But who are these kids? Here are some details about the next generation of magic!

Emily Bright



Emily Bright has been gifted with immense magical power that she’s had since she was a baby. She’s even been able to hold death itself at bay! However, Emily’s formidable abilities have also made her a target. Emily has enrolled in Strange Academy to understand her gifts but also for her own protection!

Shaylee Moonpeddle


A bright and exuberant student, Shaylee hails from Otherworld and she loves to make new friends. Shaylee is a rare human and fairy hybrid, which has caused her family to make sacrifices in order to allow Shaylee to remain with her own kind.

Doyle Dormammu


Doyle is the illegitimate son of Doctor Strange’s arch-enemy the Dread Dormammu! The family resemblance is uncanny, and Doyle clearly takes after his father in terms of power. But whose example will Doyle ultimately follow – Strange’s or Dormammu’s?

Iric and Alvi


Hailing from Asgard, twin brothers Iric and Alvi are magically gifted, but they are far removed from the inner circle of the mighty Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three. On Asgard, Iric and Alvi may simply be among the crowd of gods, but on Earth they will be able to forge their own legend.



Easily the biggest student at Strange Academy, Guslaug is a Frost Giant from Jotunheim. Loki was recently crowned king of the Frost Giants after WAR OF THE REALMS, and he has taken an interest in Guslaug’s abilities. Guslaug must be very special indeed if Loki is personally making the arrangements for him to attend Strange Academy. Or this may just be the latest mischief from the god of that sort of thing.

Zoe Laveau


In the Marvel Universe, Marie Laveau is a Voodoo priestess who trained Doctor Voodoo and fought Doctor Strange! Zoe Laveau seems to have some of her great-great-grandmother’s talents, but we hope she won’t try and kill Stephen Strange as many times. 

Calvin Morse


Calvin Morse is a total nerd and super stoked that he found his enchanted leather jacket and got into Strange Academy. As this school is a huge step up from the rough life he’s had thus far, Calvin can see nothing but an upside from this opportunity!



Although her real name is Despair, she prefers to go by “Dessy” when addressed by her fellow students. Dessy is a demon from Limbo who has the gift/burden to see things as they truly are. She can see all her fellow students’ secrets, but will she share what she knows?



Toth is not exactly the most loquacious student at Strange Academy. This silent boy is a half-Crystal Warrior and half-Man-Thing from Weirdworld,.



Very little is currently known about Germán, but we can say this: he has a special connection to animals!

Can this group of mystically empowered kids survive to realize their destiny? Find out when STRANGE ACADEMY #1, written by Skottie Young with art by Humberto Ramos, hits stores on Wednesday, March 4! Reserve your copy online or at your local comic shop.

For even more about STRANGE ACADEMY, tune in this Friday, March 6 for this week's episode of This Week in Marvel when writer and artist Skottie Young stops by for a magical conversation!