Published October 1, 2021

Who Wore It Best? X-Men Edition

Celebrate the Hellfire Gala on Marvel Unlimited with these mutant fashion faceoffs!

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Festivities, feuds, and most importantly—fashion. The Hellfire Gala is in full swing on Marvel Unlimited, and with its Green Carpet, the world of heroes and humans have been treated to some of the most sensational looks in X-Men history. Ditching standard issue uniforms and practical wear, Krakoa’s residents have donned their super-powered best to flex mutant superiority and pride—plus a killer fashion sense.

But long before they served Vogue-worthy style, the X-Men were not unfamiliar with the awkward yet relatable fallout of getting all dressed up... and seeing double.

Fashion faux pas or stunning successes? You be the judge.


Havok and Wolverine as the Goblin Princes.

A confusing time for Alex Summers, and for readers too. While under the thrall of Madelyne Pryor’s Goblin Queen during the INFERNO event, Cyclops’ plasma-blasting brother fell victim to a serious lapse in judgement. Limbo’s demons may have been running amok throughout New York, but it is no understatement that this wardrobe malfunction is the true marker of demonic infestation.

Even Wolverine took a (wrong) turn as the Goblin Prince during Deadpool’s roast of the Marvel Universe. We have Mephisto to blame.


Fang and Wolverine (Laura Kinney) in the same costume.

The original Wolverine first borrowed this get-up from Shi’ar Imperial Guard member Fang when his own costume was torn to shreds in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #107.

Consider this a double “Who Wore It Best,” since X-23, AKA Wolverine: Laura Kinney, also adopted Fang’s bestial bodysuit in her intro to the larger X-Men team in UNCANNY X-MEN #450. The trend lives on, even in infamy!

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Rogue wears Gambit's look!

Relationship goals or a step too far? Before they said “I do,” in X-MEN: GOLD (2017) #30, Rogue and Gambit starred in a limited series that got them into couples therapy and a whole heap of trouble. In a power-siphoning experiment gone awry, the duo ended up with each other’s mutant abilities! And Rogue went the extra mile on the cover to ROGUE & GAMBIT (2018) #4 by snagging her man’s iconic duster coat too.

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Banshee and Siryn wear near-identical costumes!

Classic X-Man Banshee has a dramatic powerset and costume, a legacy that his daughter has carried on as the sonic screamer Siryn. Following her father’s untimely demise in X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS (2005) #2, Theresa Cassidy took over the family business right down to her father’s codename and threads. Thanks to Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols, Banshee is back to fighting form—but don’t count on Siryn to give up his look!


Emma Frost wearing Jean Grey's Dark Phoenix costume

Let’s talk about this psychic affair. No, not that one. In one of the more contentious chapters in their friendship-feud, Emma Frost threw on a throwback with this exact replica of Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix costume. NEW X-MEN (2001) didn’t just expose Emma’s questionable therapeutic technique—it also gave us some of the fiercest looks for the fashion icon.

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