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Published December 28, 2022

Marvel 2022 Year in Review: Favorite Merch

Our favorite Marvel merch from all year round! See which collectibles we found irresistible!

Marvel 2022 Year in Review: Favorite Merch

2022 was a big year for Marvel movies and TV shows, with plenty more characters to add to our lists of favorites! We also found ourselves sinking hours into the newest Marvel games and comics. But one thing was made abundantly clear—we love our Marvel merch too! Whether it's T-shirt exclusives from SDCC and NYCC, or Marvel Must Haves from our favorite Disney+ shows, our Marvel collection grew considerably in 2022.

Start making shelf space now, because when you see our list, you might end up finding your new favorite merch too!


It's Jeff! T-Shirt


The breakout star with his own line of Infinity Comics on the Marvel Unlimited app, Jeff the Landshark stole our hearts in 2022 with his adorable hijinks.

"I'm so sad I missed the It's Jeff shirt at NYCC! Who can hook me up?"- Lorraine Cink, Director of Creative Content

Not to worry! If you didn't get a chance to snag one of these exclusive shirts, you can still pick up the upcoming comic book IT'S JEFF #1 to be released in March 2023!



Marvel Pride T-Shirt

"I love wearing my rainbow Marvel Pride t-shirt and getting to rep my love of Marvel and my pride in my queer identity at the same time."- Isabel Robertson, Associate Podcast Producer

The Marvel Design Vault's colorful collection is available as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, v-necks, and more. Additionally, in celebration of Pride and the company’s Pride collection, The Walt Disney Company is giving funds as part of our ongoing commitment to organizations around the world that support LGBTQ+ communities. Learn more about the organizations and their impactful work at

Shop the designs now at Amazon, and if you're looking for more Marvel Pride items head over to shopDisney to explore more of the collection! 


Bioworld Merchandising Exclusive 'Heroes & Villains' brand WAKANDA clothing

BIOWORLD Merchandising Exclusive 'Heroes & Villains' Brand Wakanda Clothing

"This was an amazing partnership showcasing brand new clothing created exclusively for BLACK PANTHER. It debuted at NYCC with so many different artistic and versatile styles in the entire collection." - Amber Galvin, Account Executive, Digital Media & Integrated Sponsorships

Find the whole collection here, and shop everything at


CultureFly's Black Panther Letterman Jacket

Wear Wakanda with pride with this new and exclusive Black Panther varsity jacket!

"It makes me feel so hip and cool. Wakanda Forever!" - Andrea Lans, Associate Manager, Social Media


Her Universe Marvel Hawkeye Kate Bishop Sweatshirt

Doing some target practice to take down the Tracksuits' operations? Do some training with Kate Bishop first! We've got the perfect sweatshirt for Marvel Studios' Hawkeye fans, featuring purple color blocks on the sleeves and Kate Bishop's silhouette in front of a target printed on the chest. Pair with the matching bike shorts for an athleisure outfit that's right on target!

"I love the color purple and cozy sweatshirts, so this one really does it for me. I wear it just about every day of the work week." - Meagan Damore, Associate Editor


Wolverine/X-Men: The Animated Series Action Figure from Mondo

"Probably the funniest thing I've seen in a long time when it comes to action figures." - Ron Richards, VP of Planning and Platforms 

Even self-healing, raging heroes need a moment to themselves. See Wolverine in a rare moment of introspection in this ⅙ scale recreation of the iconic moment from X-Men: The Animated Series. Nestled up in his bed, see Wolverine with four swappable expressions, retracted and extended claws, lightning claw energy effect, a glossy photo of Cyclops and Jean Grey, which can be swapped out with a photo of your choosing as well, and, of course, a turkey leg. Nestle Wolverine on the shelf next to your bed today!


Haslab Marvel Legends Galactus figure

At 32 inches and with over 300+ pieces, this beast of a figurine comes with LED lights in his head and chest and 3 swappable face-plate accessories for alternate expression. All hail Galactus!

"THIS THING IS HUGE!!!!" - Jasmine Estrada, Audio Producer

"There is no other answer. Galactus devours...our hearts and shelf space." - Ryan Penagos, Vice President & Creative Executive


Giant 10" Miss Minutes Funko Pop (SDCC Exclusive)

Giant 10" Miss Minutes Funko Pop (SDCC Exclusive)

"Giant Miss Minutes Funko!" - Larissa Rosen, Director, Production Management

"I have never purchased a Funko Pop so fast in my life. I bought this giant Miss Minutes Funko before I even left for SDCC, for fear of it running out during the con! Now she sits behind me at my desk, and the amount of times someone comments 'Is that Miss Minutes?' while I'm on a video call is priceless. I love one aggressive clock, and it's her."" - Rachel Paige, Editor at


Marvel Unlimited Annual Plus Kit

Marvel Unlimited Annual Plus Kit

"The annual plus kit is really special to me because I'm lucky enough to design it. This year's She-Hulk theme is super cool, and how can you beat that retro Daredevil figure? It's an incredible value and I'm really excited for fans to get their hands on it." - Stephen Fiore, Senior Digital Designer

"A one stop shop for great She-Hulk and Daredevil merch!" - Mark Basso, Editor

Marvel Unlimited Plus members will receive this year’s brand-new Marvel Unlimited Plus Member Kit, an homage to two of Marvel’s top attorneys/Super Heroes: the Sensational She-Hulk and the Man Without Fear, AKA Daredevil! This year’s kit also features items celebrating the latest stories from Marvel Comics, including the A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY event and Captain America: Sam Wilson’s latest turn as the Star-Spangled Avenger. Sign up today to receive these exclusive benefits and more!


Spider-Man New York Public Library card

Spider-Man New York Public Library Card

Even more reasons to read! In 2022, NYPL and Marvel celebrated the power of reading and libraries with a brand-new library card, featuring classic comic book images of Spider-Man in his 60th anniversary year.

"Spidey is my hometown hero (#Queens) and as a bookworm I ran out the door to pick one of these up. Best of all, it's free at your local NYPL!" - Eun Jeong, Associate Manager, Business Development


Jazwares Spider-Rex Costume

Jazwares Spider-Rex Costume

Look out: here comes the amazing Spider-Rex Costume. This Cretaceous spider king roars to life through fan-operated inflatable nylon. Its spider emblem is printed below a face window to give the wearer full visibility beneath its heroic snout. It also includes a pair of clawed gloves to defend the Savage Land from Venomosaurus. Collect this Spider-Rex costume and fuse ultimate power with ultimate responsibility.

"SPIDER-REX!!! Jazwares blow up Spider-Rex costume thrilled me to know end. Hasbro's toy, too, but that big doofy blow up made me smile so much." - Nick Lowe, Spider-Editor


100% Soft MARVEL EMOJI Pins

100% Soft Marvel Emoji Pins

You’ve seen them on social media, used them as hashtags, but now get ready to see your favorite Marvel emojis in a brand new light — as enamel pins

100% Soft, who’s responsible for all the adorable and expressive emojis out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rolled out a brand new collection of pins featuring characters from Phase Four, and we were absolutely smitten.

"I cannot stop buying these 100% Soft MCU emoji pins. Someone help me. I missed the Madisynn one and I'm getting desperate." - Faith D'Isa, Assistant Manager, Audience Development


Lucky the Pizza Dog Plush

"Lucky the Pizza Dog is my favorite Marvel character. They fact that he finally has a plush made me overjoyed. I bought two. I gave my niece one and a Golden Retriever who was visiting us pulled it off her bed. The golden carried the Lucky plush around like it was her child. It was adorable. I have so many photos of it." - Eric Monacelli, Senior Director, Product and Franchise Development

Whichever way you slice it, Lucky the Pizza Dog will have fans hungering for more as Hawkeye's canine companion in the Disney+ series. The one-eyed golden retriever is featured here as a super cuddly plush, complete with a tasty slice of pizza in his mouth.


Alligator Loki Marvel Must Haves

Alligator Loki Marvel Must Haves

Arguably the breakout star of Marvel Studios' Loki series on Disney+, Alligator Loki has an entire line of merch too. Too many to choose why not collect them all?

"The Alligator Loki Stuffed Animal. Who is going to say no to Alligator Loki?" - Haley Conatser, Associate Manager, Content Distribution


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Adidas Originals Sneaker Collection


"The Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Adidas Crossover! I love Adidas, and the Forum '84 High Star-Lord Edition are probably my favorite shoes period. They are so COOL!" - Brian Marquez, Associate Manager, Product Development - Marvel Games

If you're going to travel back and forth across the galaxy, why not do it in style? The Guardians of the Galaxy are no strangers to tracking down rare items, and no surprise, they've each landed some pretty fresh kicks to match their signature styles! The Adidas Originals Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy sneaker collection is enough to make even The Collector jealous.


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Captain America and Other Iconic Characters Join MARVEL x Swarovski Collection


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