Happy Halloween from the House of Ideas

Celebrate the spellbinding season the Marvel way with spooky stories, tasty treats, vicious videos, and creepy costumes!
Halloween Videos
Halloween Reads!
Celebrate 31 days of Halloween with comics chosen by Earth's Mightiest Show hosts Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton!


Agent M's History of Marvel Horror

You heard the discussion on This Week in Marvel, now read the comics!


Celebrate Halloween with the Creepiest Marvel Monsters

Look through a list of the most blood-curdling beasts from the haunted House of Ideas!


Marvel's Best Dressed: Halloween 2018

Marvel.com's fashion columnist highlights the best costumes from today's new comics!



Halloween Spooklight: Journey Into Mystery #2

Look back at the ‘50s thrills offered up by the eventual birthplace of Thor!


Halloween Spooklight: Blade in the '90s

Examining Marvel's most prolific vampire hunter in his most popular decade, the 1990s.


Halloween Spooklight: Werewolf by Night #6-#7

Jack Russell finds himself at the center of a mystical plot run by a circus of evil!


Halloween Spooklight: Curse of the Mutants

Victor Gischler and Paco Medina drop vampire-shaped bombs on the X-Men!


Halloween Spooklight: Monsters Unleashed

Kid Kaiju and crew continue the battle against evil creatures intent on human destruction.


Halloween Spooklight: Man-Thing

Steve Gerber and John Buscema present a familiar yet unique story in "Of Monsters and Men."


Halloween Spooklight: Captain Britain and MI13

Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom work with Black Knight, Spitfire and Blade to rid England of supernatural threats in CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13.


Halloween Spooklight: Vampire Tales #7

Fang fiends take center stage in this black-and-white anthology from the talented Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy, and Howard Chaykin.


Halloween Spooklight: Spirits of Vengeance

Ghost Rider, Hellstrom, Blade, and Satana join forces to save the Earth from the hordes of hell!


Halloween Spooklight: Doctor Strange: Damnation

The Master of the Mystic Arts and friends try to save Las Vegas from Mephisto and his invading hordes.

How To:
Makeup Tutorials
Get ready for Halloween with some magnificent Marvel makeup!


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The Best Marvel Halloween Costume Ever

Looking for the perfect costume? Look no further than AVENGERS #1


Dress Up Like Your Favorite Hero With Marvel Rising Halloween Costumes

Get ready to rise up and trick or treat!

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Marvel's Costoberfest Cosplayer Gallery

See everyone who participated in this year's Costoberfest!


The Best Costumes in the Spider-Verse: Part 1

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Strike Fear Into Everyone This Halloween -- Carve a Pumpkin Into Thanos

With this easy guide, turning your pumpkin into the Mad Titan is a snap!

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Make Your Own Venom-Inspired Candy Apples

Get ready for a wickedly sweet Halloween with this symbiote-inspired treat!