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Published September 3, 2019

Marvel's 80th Anniversary: A Roundup of Marvel Through the Decades

See how has been covering Marvel's legacy!

Marvel's 80th Anniversary

All year, Marvel has been celebrating 80 years of stunning storytelling sensations, going all the way back to 1939's MARVEL COMICS #1 and covering everything from monsters, horror, martial arts, and the origin stories of Marvel's Super Heroes. The party is far from over, but if you wanted one place with some of the best stories about Marvel's legacy, here's the place!


Joe Maneely and Stan Lee at Atlas Comics
Joe Maneely and Stan Lee at Atlas Comics
The FF meet the Beatles
Amazing Fantasy #15
Daredevil #255
Infinity Gauntlet

This is far from everything has to offer about the 80-year history of Marvel! Visit to see everything that has been published so far -- and everything that's coming in the future!


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